The day I nearly met my Maker seemed like any other…It was August 21, 1984… a beautiful sunny morning in Pensacola, Florida – the cradle of Naval aviation.

I could smell the salt wafting off the gulf for miles.

The sun warmed the tarmac beneath my feet.

It felt like a perfect day for flying.

I stepped into the cockpit of my T-34 Charlie… a plane that was inevitably doomed.

I could NEVER have known it at the time…

But what happened that day in the cockpit would forever change the way I look at my life…

And it revealed a secret about money that would eventually save my retirement.

After I took the plane up to 8,000 feet and broke through the clouds, I gave the stick to my student.

Once he had control, I told him to trace the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and keep it on our wing.

That was the last “normal” thing I remember…

Within seconds, I caught a whiff of a strange odor…

An unmistakable smell – electrical fire.

I gave him an order to remain calm…

But with smoke filling our cockpit, he froze.

He was whiter than a sheet.

I told him to get out the emergency procedures and back me up.

But he didn’t even blink. He forgot the checklist was sitting right there in the left pocket of his flight suit.

We needed to do something and do it fast. I took back control of the aircraft and then something happened…

Time stood still and I thought more clearly than I ever have in my life.

The emergency checklist appeared in my head. I could visualize every line in the NATOPS procedures as if they were right in front of me…

The first thing I did was switch off the battery and the generator. That’s the only way to stop an electrical fire and the first thing you MUST do.

But that didn’t put the fire out – we were in big trouble.

I flipped off all 28 required circuit breakers.

That seemed to clear away some of the smoke, but I still had no instruments… and no radio.

We were drifting “blind” while trying
to contain a fire in midair.

We were drifting blind while trying to contain the fire in mid air.

That’s when I told my student to look down and tell me the minute he saw the waves of the Gulf.

I made a hard decision at that moment – we were going to cut through the clouds the moment we caught a glimpse of the Gulf.

In seconds, he was shouting, “water!”

I yanked the nose of the aircraft up 30 degrees and cut the power to idle.

We were going for a textbook “spin entry” – the fastest way down to the ground… other than crashing of course!

We were lucky and made it through the clouds, but the plane was still smoking.

I leveled it out around 1,200 feet… and started scanning the horizon for emergency runways.

You see, before you even step into the cockpit of your plane, you always circle any runways on your chart that you can use in an emergency.

I saw the closest one within range…

I flipped on the battery long enough to broadcast MAYDAY and told them we were coming in hot.

With the aircraft aimed directly at the runway, I slammed that bird down on the ground harder than any other landing.

When we hit the ground, the plane was on fire. We burst out of the cockpit.

The emergency crew was right behind us.

It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to salvage the majority of the airplane.

All of the repetition… the drills… the memorizing… the planning and preparation…

That’s what saved the life of my student and me.

And after I left the Navy in 1987, I never thought I’d go through something that terrifying ever again.

It wasn’t until years later that I experienced something as frightening as that day in the burning cockpit…

But in 2000, long after I transitioned into a career in financial analysis, I had my second near-death experience…

When I lost 50% of my wealth in the dot-com collapse of 2000.

After peaking in 2000, the Nasdaq lost 3,373 points over time.

If you took a flogging like me, I’m not going to get into it…

To be honest with you, I don’t even like bringing it up.

I remember lying awake and looking at the ceiling at night, unable to fall asleep. Unable to eat.

It was like going through that cockpit fire every day for a year straight.

How could this happen to me? I thought to myself…

When I was a pilot, I spent hours training and creating a plan. When a fire broke out, I knew exactly what to do to escape unscathed.

But when it came to “flying” my investment portfolio, I was just freewheeling it.

Sure, I had passed my Series 7 exam and all my brokerage qualifications.

But like so many investors, I was not truly prepared for a REAL emergency. I had never trained myself to react in a financial crisis.

That’s why I made a commitment after
the dot-com collapse… to never experience
a “fire in the cockpit” with my finances
ever again.

I came up with an investment plan after that… and I’ll prove to you today how it’s the ultimate form of protection and safety in our turbulent economy.

This investment plan comes with predetermined profits and NO RISK from a stock market collapse.

Let me repeat that… NO STOCK MARKET RISK.

And you know ahead of time exactly how much you stand to make.

With my plan, even if the market drops 20%… or 50%, as it did in 2000… or even 99%, it does not have to mean you will lose a penny of your principal.

Time magazine’s Money writers confirmed that with this type of plan, “you never lose your principal.”

From the moment you get started, the money from this plan is owed to you by LAW. And you’ll have the legal documents to prove it!

And the profits aren’t small either. If you were to look at my performance last year, when the stock market sold off, you’d notice I did pretty well.

Of all my recommendations made that started in 2015, the total average return would be 42.96% by the time these investments finished paying out for my closest readers.

Tell me you would not have jumped on the opportunity to safely grow your savings with a 42.96% return over time… take a look at what that could look like

This is the only investment vehicle I know of where a binding legal contract requires that you get paid.

Money that’s yours by law is the best kind in a market downturn.

Just think about all the nonsense stock investors have to deal with right now…

The Fed’s tinkering with interest rates… China’s undergoing an economic collapse… cheap oil’s crushing energy stocks.

If you’re looking for a REAL plan… a way to avoid all the heartaches of the investing world… listen up very closely.

The steps I’ll show you are ones you can make right now.

By the time you finish this presentation, you can start collecting $13,468 with a simple three-step process.

And you can do so while also COMPLETELY eliminating your risk of exposure to a stock market crash.

Now, our publishers require that we tell everyone this: No investment is without risk.

But I’m telling you, once you see how my system works, you’ll realize even a total novice could make money this way. That $13,000 is only the beginning of what I’ll show you today.

Please, I’m asking you as a veteran… as a family man… as someone who can see the clear signs of danger…

If you’re even slightly concerned about your finances in the current markets, you must have a plan.

So let me show you how mine works…

This Is the Only Way to Stop
Worrying About the Stock Market Crashing and Burning

My name, by the way, is Steve McDonald. Former Navy Lieutenant (O-3) and surface Warfare Officer and Naval Aviator.

Today I come to you as the fixed income expert here at The Oxford Club.

I put together this briefing for you today because I’m “smelling smoke” once again.

The same “smoke” that caused my portfolio to crash and burn in 2000…

And the same “smoke” that led to the 2008 financial collapse.

I say that because the signs are everywhere… for starters:

We kicked off the new year with the WORST start EVER witnessed in the financial markets.

Down more than 1,400 points in the first 10 days, reported Yahoo Finance.

From there, all the financial gurus started sounding the alarm.

The Royal Bank of Scotland issued a dire warning to its investors that can be summed up in two words: “Sell everything.”

With the global economy slowing down in places like China, the bank warned clients, “In a crowded hall, the exit doors are small and the risks are high.”

I’d say the risks have never been higher.

CNBC just featured an exposé with the headline “A recession worse than 2008 is coming.”

The main catalysts, it says, are China’s economy and the fact that the Fed is playing with fire when it comes to interest rates.

I’m not citing these facts to make you paranoid.

Even the smart money knows something isn’t quite right.

For example, few people know about this, but…

Warren Buffett has DUMPED Millions of Shares of Stock

  • Buffett sold 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson and reduced his overall stake in “consumer product stocks” by 21%.
  • Berkshire Hathaway also sold its entire stake in Intel.

Fellow Billionaire John Paulson Is Also Selling Out of U.S. Stocks

  • Paulson’s hedge fund cashed out 14 million shares of JPMorgan Chase, according to a filing.
  • The fund also liquidated its entire position in Family Dollar and Sara Lee.
  • Remember, Paulson is the guy who saw the mortgage crisis coming… and made what The Wall Street Journal famously called “The Greatest Trade Ever…” making $15 BILLION.

George Soros Is Also Worried… He Has Sold Nearly ALL of His Bank Stocks

  • Finally, billionaire George Soros has sold nearly ALL of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

I say all of this because you’re in good company if you’re fearful about this market – so are the smartest and most successful investors who ever lived!

The smart money knows they’ve got to change their approach for 2016…

And I’d like to show you how to completely change your approach to investing too.

But if you’re still on the fence about trying something new today, ask yourself just one question

How much can you afford to lose if stocks really do collapse?

10%? 20%? 30%? Hell… 50%?

Personally, I’ve lost money before and promised myself “never again.”

I aim to keep that promise.

By the end of this presentation, I plan on showing you how to collect $13,468 in three easy steps – without the worry of stocks.

And the money won’t stop there. You’ll keep collecting more and more throughout the year and over time.

I’ll show you the exact steps you can take… to completely shield yourself from a “cockpit fire” in the stock market… protect your principal… and still grow your money over time.

Look at All This Income You Can Collect… Without EVER Touching a Share of Stock

First things first. If we’re going to work together… put stocks out of your mind completely.

We’re NEVER going to touch them.

The investment plan I’ll show you today is far and away better than Wall Street’s casino.

First off, the money you collect is owed to you BY LAW.

(I’ll explain more about why the law is on your side in a moment…)

Secondly, you know exactly how much money you’re going to make before you invest one cent.

No matter what kind of brokerage account you use, I will show you a way to get your nest egg out of the stock market and still collect tens of thousands in income year after year… regardless of whether the economy goes up or down or expands or contracts.

I hate to repeat myself… or rub it in for those of you who lost money last year…

But even when the stock market sold off, we made out like bandits…

Tell me you would not have jumped on the opportunity to grow your savings with a 42.96% return over time…

Of course, that was last year. You want to know what I’m going to do for you today. Right now.

Well, I’m very proud to say that if you start my plan right now, you have the opportunity to see returns of 76%… 114%… even 169%.

So you’re actually in a better position today than the folks I showed this to in 2015.

Now let me be very clear about this next part… I don’t want you to be confused about where these returns on your money come from…

This is NOT a certificate of deposit (CD) account.

This is NOT a savings bond.

This is NOT an annuity.

This is NOT some stream of royalties you’ll collect from MLPs.

I wouldn’t waste your time with those. They take way too long to see results.

This is simply cold hard cash deposited into your account… based on a rate of return YOU KNOW ahead of time… and your principal is protected.

MarketWatch analysts confirm, “Allocating your own portfolio to take advantage of these [investments]… is easy.”

Retirees may even prefer these investments “as a secondary source of safe and predictable income… but all other sorts of people invest too… risk-averse individuals and people simply looking to diversify their portfolios,” according to Yahoo Finance.

In 2015, I showed my subscribers opportunities to start collecting on these legally mandated investment returns over the years to come.

For example, on February 18, I would have sent you a recommendation that would put up to $4,695 in your account.

Just two weeks later, on March 4, I would have alerted you to $2,611 that you could collect.

The following month, on April 22, I’d have alerted you to the chance at an easy $2,979.

Not a month went by last year that I didn’t find something

  • $4,695 starting February 18…
  • $2,611 starting March 4…
  • $2,979 starting April 22…
  • $3,623 starting May 6…
  • $3,512 starting June 24…
  • $5,060 starting July 15…
  • $4,340 starting August 19…
  • $3,930 starting September 23…
  • $1,073 starting October 28…
  • $3,146 starting November 18…
  • $4,693 starting December 2…

Of course, amounts as high as these would be paid out over time.

But still, I don’t know a single person trading stocks right now who is taking cash profits with this kind of regularity.

Not in this market. No way.

You, on the other hand… will have no trouble collecting this money.

Follow the simple instructions I give you today and you can start by collecting $13,468.

Again, I must emphasize because I know how important this is to hardworking boomers like myself… folks who can’t afford to start over…

The starting capital you need to make this money will be safe and secure.

Even if the stock market drops 10% in a single day like it did in August 2015, your principal will be protected… and yes, you will still collect fat, juicy returns… in fact…

From August 19 to September 23 – in the midst of a stock market “cockpit fire” – I found five separate opportunities to grow your money by double digits.

You could have locked in returns for 41%… 44%… 46%… 47%… even 52%… and your principal would have been as secure as if it were locked in a bulletproof vault!

So let me reveal to you where all this money is coming from… and why you can collect it with such ease…

How on Earth Did I Find All This Money?

This all goes back to my days working behind the scenes in the brokerage business.

Whenever a major market crash came along, it was a madhouse at our firm.

Some clients would get hit harder than others…

However, there was one group of people whose money we managed that didn’t seem to get hit at all.

These were “old money” clients. Their wealth went way, way back, so they knew a thing or two about stock market crashes.

Some of their accounts ranked in the millions… and grew consistently over the years.

As I took note of these accounts, I realized they were doing something a bit… well… different from the rest of us.

When I saw what they had the majority of their money in, I didn’t recognize it on my computer screen.

Unlike my own portfolio, I couldn’t find a single ticker symbol for a tech stock or anything else that was popular at the time.

What I did notice was that some of these folks were collecting incredible returns on their investments…

And they were making this money without a single share of stock!

The next day at the office, I decided to ask some of the brokers about those “old money” accounts… I had to know what these folks were doing so I could emulate it myself.

Nobody around the office would talk about it.

In fact, I got dirty looks and was told to “focus on my sales.”

I later found out it was because these “old money” clients were not popular among the brokers.


Because the ultra-safe investments the “old money” clients were using didn’t pay the usual commissions for these brokers.

So the brokers wanted nothing to do with them.

I have to tell you… even today it makes me sick.

The brokers I worked with were basically refusing to tell people about an ultra-safe way to collect mountains of income without the risk of market collapse…

And they were doing it simply because those investments didn’t pad their commission checks.

That’s one of the biggest
reasons I left Wall Street –
I could not stand the dishonesty.

I made a vow after that to NEVER lose money again… instead, I was going to create a bulletproof plan just like the “old money” clients we had at my old firm.

Here’s Why This Is Great for Folks Seeking Reliable Returns That Stocks Can’t Offer

I think the best way to show you how my system works – and why it’s so great – is to compare it to the one thing it beats out every time…

The stock market.

So let’s say you bought 1,500 shares in a dividend stock.

That dividend stock is trading for $10… so you pay $15,000 for your 1,500 shares.

This stock also pays 3% in dividends.

Your investment of $15,000 would pay you $450 a year in cash dividends. That dividend stock is trading for $10… so you pay $15,000 for your 1,500 shares.

From there, you have no control over what happens next.

Yes, the stock could go up to $12.

But it could also drop to $5.

Even your dividend payment comes with no guarantees.

It can be cut at any time.

That’s why so many people view the stock market as a gambling house.

Once you buy in, your money and how much profit you make is left completely up to chance.

Imagine if flying was like that.

Imagine if, when a plane’s engine caught fire, everyone on board just said, “Well, we’ll just have to wait it out… eventually it’ll go out and things will return to normal.”

Nobody would fly!

And yet we’re taking these sorts of risks with our money all the time.

For me, that risk became too much in the dot-com collapse.

I hate losing money like that. I won’t go through it again.

And that’s why the investment strategy I’ve developed is so much better.

Unlike stocks, where nothing is set in stone, and anything can happen… these investments tell you EXACTLY how much you’re going to make BEFORE you invest in a company.

With these investments, you know the date you’re going to get paid.

Your principal and your return are owed to you from the company by law. This is because they are written in a legally binding contract.

Of course, the first thing someone always tries to push on me is this: “Well, if the company goes out of business, you don’t get your principal back.”

Look, if you’re worried about that, don’t invest in the stock market at all.

But if you think a company may go out of business, this approach allows you to still get out of the investment early for only a small loss.

However, that happens rarely enough, and I’ve been doing this long enough now that I can see it coming from a mile away. I believe it’s a manageable risk, considering the investments are still insulated from a market crash.

But the bottom line is this:

My approach has a huge benefit over stocks in that you are OWED this money by law. No stockholder in the world can make that claim.

… So how does it work?

In short, all of this comes from a different sort of way to invest in U.S. companies.

Instead of buying stock, some companies will give you a predetermined return for backing them.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

Collect $5,060 From This Iconic Company

Take U.S. Steel. Founded in 1901 by J.P. Morgan, it is one of America’s most iconic companies.

But 99.9% of people don’t have a clue you can collect “easy” money from it. And you can do it without ever purchasing a share of its stock.

When I made my U.S. Steel recommendation on July 15 last year, the company promised quite a bit of cash…

If you put in $9,943, U.S. Steel would send you 14 separate cash payments for a total of $5,060.

After you receive those cash payments, you get back EVERY CENT of the $9,943.

Add it all up…

You’re putting in $9,943 and you’re coming back with $15,003…

That’s serious money.

It’s a return of more than 50% – predetermined before you invest – and it didn’t matter where the stock market went.

You got paid regardless.

There are dozens of opportunities like this.

Less than a month after finding the five grand opportunity on U.S. Steel, I found another company offering a nice payout: Bristow.

Put up to $4,959 in Your Pocket

If you put in $9,540, Bristow would send you 14 separate cash payments for a total of $4,959.

Once again, after putting that cash in your bank account, you get back EVERY CENT of the $9,540 you let Bristow borrow.

Add it all up…

You’re putting in $9,540 and you’re cashing out with $14,499.

And that payoff came with the satisfaction of knowing it was owed to you BY LAW.

Why would a company agree – under contractual law – to pay you money like this?

Well, companies sometimes need to raise cash for R&D, new facilities, expansion into new markets and growth of the business as a whole.

They use these special types of transactions to raise cash and offer predetermined payments back to investors.

Which, in my mind, is great.

You collect the cash payments in the form of interest. Then they give you your money back.

I’ve Been Using This to Collect
Income Ever Since

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to get investors to do since the dot-com crash.

Slowly but surely, I’ve earned back what I’d lost and then some.

As I’ve moved along, my followers have been able to start collecting on a few of these deals… and then reinvest the proceeds in even better deals.

I’ll admit, it’s been exciting watching that money start as a trickle… and then grow into a flood!

But more importantly, we sleep at night knowing a big crash in the stock market won’t hit us.

This “flight plan” I’ll show you today for avoiding a fire in the stock markets has all the safety measures in place…

  • Just like a pilot, I have a chart to look at before ever getting in the plane
    What I mean is I’ll show you beforehand the return on investment you can expect. Just like a preflight briefing, you’ll know when you’re in for a smooth ride because the returns were established before you ever put down a cent.
  • Just like a pilot, I have a manual that tells me what to do once up in the air
    My system allows you to collect this income week in, week out. You’ll have the legal documents to prove you’re owed this money. I’ll even “alert” you when new opportunities and BIGGER returns are available. My system is just like a “flight manual” that tells you exactly what to do.
  • Just like a pilot, I have EMERGENCY EVAC procedures to avoid the crash
    Even if the stock market goes up in flames, you will be much more likely to escape unscathed. You could evacuate the stock market altogether and still collect cash payments of $1,621… $3,977… and $5,060. Best of all, this money is bound to you BY LAW.

There are thousands of dollars out there for the taking.

If you were to start today, you could collect an easy $475 from a major bank… $3,300 from an iconic cellphone company… $3,850 from a credit monitoring agency…. $6,372 from a company you may buy gasoline from… $3,018 from one of the world’s largest gold miners… and $4,380 from a loan provider I know for a fact you’ve heard of.

My first three recommendations, which
you can have by the end of this presentation,
can put $13,468 in your pocket.

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to give you the resource you need today to collect these next three payouts on your own. It’s all contained in my report “How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash.”

I can send it to you free of charge today so you can see how to begin collecting this money immediately.

The three steps I’ve outlined are easy and you can execute them before the day’s even over.

Trust me, you’ll sleep like a rock after tonight.

And you’ll be surprised just how big these returns are.

After all, this is the preferred income method of some of the smartest and wealthiest people on Earth…

World-Famous People Are Safeguarding Their Wealth This Way

When you find out who else is investing this way… you might feel like you’ve joined some type of “exclusive” club.

Some of the world’s most recognizable people protect their money this same exact way.

For example, Bill and Melinda Gates – the masters of staying Forbes’ richest people – have nearly $20 million dedicated exclusively to this same form of investing

I can only imagine the kind of returns they must enjoy.

BlackRock – the world’s largest asset manager with $4.5 trillion at stake – isn’t afraid to come out and say it either…

Its chief investment strategist for fixed income admitted to CNBC that this is “the safest place to invest your money”…

Not only is it the safest… he added that when you invest this way, you “negate the potential volatility you could experience in the stock market.”

And he’s 100% right.

You negate the volatility of a stock market crash.

As I mentioned before, your money is completely safe from a stock market crash.

The Omaha World-Herald – a newspaper owned by Warren Buffett’s company – reported in January 2016:

“This is an investors’ best friend during a downturn: They’re holding up better than stocks, cushioning the blow.”

But this isn’t just for wealthy folks. Or people with years of financial savvy.

This is something anyone can do.

In fact, it’s perhaps best for regular retirees who need safe, guaranteed income.

She Was a Widow in Her 70s…
on the Doorstep of Bankruptcy…
Until I Showed Her This

If I survived a cockpit fire, then this woman survived a nosedive crash.

Her name was “Louise.” I met her long before my days in the financial research business.

Like many people, Louise thought she could trust family to manage her money…

She had a cousin in the insurance business. He got licensed to sell mutual funds and knew NOTHING about it. He recommended only his company’s funds, which were trash, real trash, and lost about 80% of her money. And he never even called her.

That was when I met Louise.

She was a widow, late 70s, with zero income except Social Security.

This woman was knocking on the door of not just bankruptcy when I found her… but also near poverty.

After seven years of hard work… with the plan I had set in place for her, she made back everything she had lost.

I helped her increase her income by about 50%.

That felt good.

You see, whether it’s a plane crash or a stock crash… you have to have a plan in place.

You have to have “cockpit procedures” when the markets encounter turbulence.

Otherwise you WILL lose money – there’s no question about it.

Imagine seven years’ worth of savings just being wiped out of your account.

I’ve seen it happen before, just as it did with Louise.

As a veteran who loves his country… as a family man who hates seeing people suffer… I don’t want to see us boomers get wiped out by another stock market catastrophe.

Not when we’re so close to retirement.

That’s why “How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash” is yours today.

Everything you need to avoid a crash… a correction… or even a blip in the markets… is contained in this report.

It will show you how you can execute three simple trades to begin collecting $13,468 in income starting today.

And I should mention… those are just three trades to get you started. If you follow my plan, you could end collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars over time…

Follow my procedures and you will NEVER experience a “cockpit fire” with your portfolio ever again.

But before I give this to you… let me answer the No. 1 question people always ask me…

No, You Can’t Just “Google”
How to Do This

Whenever I reveal this to someone, the first thing they think is…

“I can just look up how to do this on the Internet, right?”

Not exactly.

Creating a “market-proof” portfolio isn’t something everyone is qualified to do.

A lot of people just look for the biggest returns possible – they go “shopping” for returns. They spend all their time looking for the biggest numbers – they don’t consider safety or risk.

Other people come down with a “lottery” complex – they only want to hear about what’s going to get them rich right now.

ABC News ran a report that concluded most investors have no idea that the type of approach I’ll show you today is “providing better returns than stocks.”

Except for those born into wealth, or the famous folks I mentioned earlier, most people think of income all wrong.

Here are the most common mistakes people make:

They buy an annuity… or open a CD.

Both of these approaches take YEARS to see any kind of results.

That’s not the case with my strategy.

I’ll show you results immediately.

Here’s what you can expect…

Here’s What You’re Going to
Get out of This

As I said before, you’re actually in a better position today than the folks I showed this to in 2015.

Sure, the folks from last year are on the path to sitting pretty…

But if you come on board with me right now, you could have the opportunity to collect returns of 76%… 114%… even 169%.

Those numbers are A LOT bigger.

I promise you, not a month will go by where you won’t have the opportunity to collect something…

Look at the payments we had a chance to begin collecting last year…

  • $4,695 starting February 18…
  • $2,611 starting March 4…
  • $2,979 starting April 22…
  • $3,623 starting May 6…
  • $3,512 starting June 24…
  • $5,060 starting July 15…
  • $4,340 starting August 19…
  • $3,930 starting September 23…
  • $1,073 starting October 28…
  • $3,146 starting November 18…
  • $4,693 starting December 2…

Keep in mind, results as high as these pay out over time.

That’s serious money. And it’s only a fraction of what was available last year.

In total, I showed my readers that more than $260,962 in income is available for the taking over time.

The first three recommendations I’ll give you today could put up to $13,468 in your pocket… and you can execute these trades today!

With “How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash,” you’ll have everything you need to protect your nest egg, avoid the volatility of the stock market and grow your money year after year.

It’s my gift to you today once we start working together…

Join Me Today on an Extremely Profitable Venture

Starting today, I’d like to help you be able to set up your own portfolio of predetermined profits… that cannot be touched by a major crash in stocks.

These are the same investments that the “old money” crowd loves… that helped protect them from market downturns… that gave them predetermined income every month… that contractually guaranteed their principal BY LAW…

What we’re going to do is create a model portfolio made up of these types of fixed income investments… found specifically in the bond market.

Now hold up just a second… I can practically see you reaching for your mouse to click out…

I can almost hear you saying, “Oh, God… Steve, you’ve been talking about bonds this whole time???”

Not exactly… hear me out…

This is a special type of bond… it’s NOTHING like what you hear about in the media… on TV…

Most brokers I know – like the ones in my early days I told you about – like to pretend this kind of “easy” money doesn’t even exist.

They HATE when their clients put their money here because there are virtually no commissions for them.

But I’m going to help you peel back the curtain on this well-kept secret each week.

In the next couple seconds, I’ll be sending you three separate recommendations worth up to $13,468.

And then I’m going to send you EVEN MORE recommendations throughout the year.

In a nutshell, this is exactly what my research service Oxford Bond Advantage specializes in.

Each week, I’m going to send you a list of fixed income investments that I’ve hand-picked.

You’ll know the exact amount they pay beforehand… and when that money is going to post to your account.

On this list right now… I have a handful of payouts just waiting for you.

You could collect an easy $458 from a major bank… $3,930 from a gas company… $3,427 from one of the world’s largest gold miners…

My readers can back up every word of what I’m telling you.

Like Travis Allman. He’s a 70-year-old retiree who loves the results he’s seeing. He wrote me an email saying:

“Current position face value is $521,000… My friends cannot believe me! I am most pleased with your service and am very grateful to be able to see how my nervousness about the future is subsiding each day.”

I’ve got another retiree named Roberto who depends on this strategy for income.

He wrote, “At 82, I knew I needed more balance… So now I just relax… and pay no attention until it comes time to get paid… I must admit, this is a lot easier! Simply put, it is a matter of trust, and you have mine.”

Adam Baumann, one of my subscribers down in Orlando, Florida, told me, “I now have 13 separate income sources thanks to you!”

I’d estimate Adam is probably clearing about $91,000 a year in income.

So let me explain exactly how this works… you can count the steps on one hand…

Here Is Exactly What We’ll Be Doing
Each Week… and the Money You’ll
Be Collecting

Each morning, I check multiple bond inventories… it looks something like this (the only difference being this version is a bit simplified):

The first column you’ll see is the list of companies offering the bond.

Before we recommend putting down one cent, my research team and I always do our homework.

We make sure these companies are in great shape and have plenty of cash flow and the earnings and revenue to insure they pay back your principal. I’d say my team of researchers and I put in a minimum of 160 hours of research on each recommendation – it’s a full week’s work for us.

Column 2 is simple… the coupon is the interest you’re going to be paid on your principal.

It works kind of like a savings account… but with much higher interest rates.

Give the company a couple hundred upfront… and it’ll pay you a couple hundred back in interest over time.

Give it several thousand upfront… and it’ll pay you back a couple thousand in interest.

It’s giving back every penny of your principal – it has to, the contract says so!

And that’s on top of the interest it’s paying you regularly.

But again, I must emphasize – when I say your principal is protected by law, I say this because investors enter into a contract with the company that states you are owed that money.

But even with that level of protection, it’s still possible to lose money. For one, we know the company could go out of business, causing you to lose your principal. Or you may choose to close out a play early and take a loss. We’ve done that just a few times in my service.

But the vast majority of my recommendations are profitable. In fact, my readers average a payout every three days with Oxford Bond Advantage.

Now pay attention, because this is the part most people always misunderstand…

Column 3 is the maturity date. That’s how long the bond is paying you for.

Some of these you can collect payments on for years.

But we won’t hold them for that long… in fact, sometimes I’ll recommend collecting some fast cash when it’s convenient.

For example, I once recommended taking a quick $1,402 from perfume supplier Elizabeth Arden. This cash would have been yours in less than a month!

That brings me to column 4… the price of the bond.

I love buying these at a discount compared to everyone else… and I’ve devised a system that allows me to do it.

I just put a bond on our buy list that we paid $0.57 on the dollar for that will return 25% a year!

How did I manage a deal like that?

Think of it like someone asking to borrow $75 and giving you back $100 next week – someone you see every day and trust 100%. Someone you know is good for it.

That’s essentially what we do.

That gives us a little extra “bonus” cash on top of the interest we’re collecting on the principal.

“All in all, it’s a sound option for retirees who seek steady income,” Time magazine has proven.

Finally, column 5 factors in EVERYTHING I’ve told you…

The yield is the total annualized return you’re going to collect from these companies.

For example, with Seagate Technology (a data storage company), we know going in we’re going to collect a TOTAL RETURN of 66% over time.

With T-Mobile (the cellphone provider), we’re going to bank a nice 34% return.

That’s not IF the market’s doing well… or IF the company becomes more profitable. That return is guaranteed BY LAW as long as the company remains in business.

Again, I’ll explain everything in greater detail in my report… “How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash”… which I’m going to send you today.

This resource will give you three instant recommendations that can put $13,468 in your pocket.

And it’s only the beginning.

Here’s a peek at the total returns of my current open recommendations:

  • Seagate Technology… 66%
  • Barrick Gold… 33%
  • Murphy Oil… 114%
  • T-Mobile… 34%
  • Rowan Companies… 117%
  • Meritage Homes… 38%
  • DigitalGlobe… 26%
  • Transocean… 169%
  • Frontier Communications… 42%
  • Consol Energy… 113%.

Impressive returns for sure, but just imagine if you’d been with me last year and the results you’d be enjoying in the years to come….

I can’t think of a better way out there to invest… than collecting predetermined money that is owed to you BY LAW.

Here’s what it would look like in action…

Here’s the Proof

I’ll start with Rowan Companies.

Right now, you could buy Rowan Companies’ bond. It costs $600 to purchase.

Of course, the more you buy, the more money you receive back.

So $6,000 worth of Rowan Companies’ bonds can pay $6,732 over time.

Not a bad deal, I’d say. And you’re legally owed this money.

I can’t stress that enough, folks. In the stock market, nothing is guaranteed. Not your dividend. Not your principal.

In this case, you know exactly how much you’re going to make going in.

Here’s another great example of why this is so much better than stocks…

You Will Make Money Even if
the Stock Tanks

Remember the crash last August? The S&P dropped 10% on August 24.

Quality companies founded more than 100 years ago, like Freeport McMoRan, dropped like a rock.

Since that day, it’s lost nearly 20% of its value.

What a miserable experience if you had purchased its stock.

Fortunately, I don’t own its stock.

Instead, I recommend the type of bond I’ve been telling you about today.

Freeport’s bond is selling at an incredible discount right now.

You could buy 10 for $5,000.

And for that, it promises to pay you a WHOPPING $6,340 over time.

Think about that compared to the stock of this same company

You’re getting a guaranteed payout of $6,340 on your $5,000… versus a 20% loss the stock market offered?

You tell me which you’d prefer.

The point I’m making is that you’re so much better off going with a guaranteed investment than taking that stock market risk…

Here’s another easy payout… from a company EVERYONE has heard of.

Collect $6,020 From This
Household Name

Sallie Mae. Founded in 1971, it’s a loan provider almost every person has heard of.

But 99.9% of people don’t have a clue they can collect “easy” money from Sallie Mae.

Right now, you can buy 10 of its bonds for $7,840.

If you hold those bonds, Sallie Mae will pay you up to $6,020.

And after it pays you that six grand, it will give back every penny of that $7,840 you gave it upfront… it has to, it’s legally obliged to!

With Oxford Bond Advantage, you can collect safe money like this in the bond markets and see fantastic results along the way…

Remember, your nest egg will be safe with my procedures…

This money will be yours to collect with a binding legal contract to prove it.

And the risks to the stock market will be negated.

It’s a Mad World out There

You’ve tuned in today because you know something isn’t quite right about this stock market.

And you’re absolutely right.

I’m smelling “smoke” again just like in 2000… and just like in 2008.

Valuations and P/Es on some of these companies are in the 200s… 300s… and beyond.

China’s economy is slowing.

Then you’ve got the Fed…

If rates go up, which, at their current low levels, is the only way they can go, it will be catastrophic for the stock market… but it will be good for us!

We’ll still make money. Every cent I told you to expect.

Bond prices drop when rates go up and we buy them at lower prices and higher yields.

Don’t believe me?

The CEO of CIC Wealth Management, a $250 million firm (just outside our offices here in Baltimore), told the same thing to Time magazine.

The CEO revealed, “Even if rates go up. You never lose your principal. You are guaranteed to get your money back.”

They wouldn’t put him in charge of $250 million if he didn’t know how to protect it, especially during times like these.

And The Oxford Club wouldn’t put me in charge of fixed income if I didn’t know what I was doing either.

I’ve Been in This Business a Long Time

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re over 60 like me, you can’t take risks like those – not again, not after what we’ve been through in the last two crashes.

You may spend your final years clawing your way back… just to get to where you were before.

With my resources at your disposal, you can avoid that dire scenario completely.

How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash” is yours today.

Inside this report, you’ll find three companies to get you started – for a total payout of $13,468.

Now, let me tell you a bit about each of them.

Look at This Money You Can Collect Right Now

The first company is dynamite. It’s got the backings of big money – from billionaires you’ve heard of like Ray Dalio to big dogs like Vanguard and BlackRock.

And I think you’re going to like what it’s offering…

It’ll pay you $3,832 on an investment of $8,736.

After you collect that money, contractual LAW dictates you must get back every penny of the $8,736.

So that’s the first amount of money you’ll be collecting.

The second company is one I know you’ll love. It was founded by one of the most recognizable billionaires in the world. He consistently makes Forbes’ list of the world’s richest.

Most people watch his every move, hoping they can give their investments an edge.

The company’s bond pays you $5,556 on your investment of $7,975.

In total, this second recommendation can put $5,556 in your pocket…

With one of the world’s most recognizable billionaires backing this company, you will have no trouble collecting this money…

The third company specializes in the most sought-after resource in the world.

It’ll pay you $4,080 on your investment of $8,912.

Tallied up, this is $13,468 over time waiting for you RIGHT NOW between these three recommendations.

I’ll give you ALL the details in my report “How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash”… and I’ll show you how you can collect the cash they’re offering when you join Oxford Bond Advantage today.

I also plan on sending you informative videos where I practically hold your hand every step of the way while you collect this money.

In these videos, you’ll learn:

  • How to buy and sell a bond
  • How to choose your rate of return
  • How to determine its level of safety
  • How to maximize your monthly income.

And there’s so much more…

Trust me, even if you’ve never bought a bond in your life, you will be a near expert at this before long.

With these resources at your disposal, you should have no trouble being able to collect this money…

These Folks Are Proof –
This Really Works

Just listen to the stories of my current readers…

One gentleman, Geoff Ingram, told me he and his wife live stress-free with my service:

“I’m building my bond portfolio and my wife just loves not having to worry about stocks! GREAT JOB, Steve!”

Bruce Tanner grew his money “at an annualized return of 20%.”

My reader Elizabeth Chester actually sent me a screenshot showing the $1,035 posting to her account!

But you know what readers like Dennis Reagan really love?

This doesn’t take up a bunch of their time.

Dennis told me, “With my busy work day, I am just not able to trade like I used to, so knowing that I can make 11% per year on my money for the next five years just by making one trade is awesome. I will definitely put 20% of my IRA money into these bonds, Steve.”

Heck, my own life is a testament to the power of fixed income. I live on the beach in Florida. I wear flip-flops everywhere!

I’m my own master and I’m loving every minute of it.

With Oxford Bond Advantage, I know you’ll love it too.

Go out and play golf. Hit the beach. Quit worrying about the markets!

Your nest egg will be protected.

And you’ll never suffer another stock market “fire” or crash ever again.

Now tell me, how much would you pay for results like that?

How much would you consider to be “fair”?

If you had a broker offer you these results for $7,000… would you take it?

Or say, $5,000?

That’s a little steep, if you ask me…

Heck, some money managers take a cut of your winnings.

On the other hand, I don’t receive a penny in commission for my recommendations.

I do this for you and for you alone.

That’s why I think you’ll be pleased when I say…

Oxford Bond Advantage doesn’t even come close to what most folks expect it to cost.

Today, if you click that button below and join us, you will only pay $1,200.

You can actually pay this off with the three recommendations I’ve made today.

Remember, there’s $13,468 in cash between those three recommendations over time… and you can start collecting it right now.

With that money, you could pay the cost to join Oxford Bond Advantage 10 times over…

And STILL have money in your pocket.

And that’s not all…

Try Six Months of My Alerts
“on the House”

I want you to feel like signing up for Oxford Bond Advantage was one of the best things you ever did with your money.

That’s why I’m going to give you six months to decide if it’s right for you.

During that time, you can collect all the money you want from my recommendations.

And six months should be more than enough time to see results if you consider our results starting last year:

  • $4,695 starting February 18…
  • $2,611 starting March 4…
  • $2,979 starting April 22…
  • $3,623 starting May 6…
  • $3,512 starting June 24…
  • $5,060 starting July 15…
  • $4,340 starting August 19…
  • $3,930 starting September 23…
  • $1,073 starting October 28…
  • $3,146 starting November 18…
  • $4,693 starting December 2…

But even if you decide on day 179 of your 180-day trial that you don’t like my work, that’s more than okay.

You can even keep my report that shows you how to collect $13,468 in income… “How to Survive – and Thrive – During a Stock Market Crash.”

I want you to keep it even if we don’t continue to work together because you never know when this resource might come in handy…

You never know when a “cockpit fire” might break out in today’s markets.

And I’d rather you have it and not need it… than need it and not have it!

I Am Not Happy Unless You Are…
I Want You to Feel 100% Satisfied With These Results

So let’s say I deliver on my promise. You like seeing the money in your account.

You like the six-month risk-free trial.

But let’s say one teensy tiny thing bugs you.

Maybe you get sick of seeing my face.

Maybe clicking your mouse a few times a week is too much “work.”

If you’re not 100% satisfied with everything I’m giving you, simply call my office and we’ll refund your money. Every penny of it.

That’s what your trial is here for. I WANT you to be happy. Yes, I want that for you.

If you’re going to hear from me each week – which is something I do with my alerts – then I want you to have fun with this.

Believe me, when you see this money adding up in your account, you’re going to have a lot of fun.

One of my readers, Travis Allman, backs up every word of it. He once told me:

“I cannot believe it, and I am thrilled with our results so far… Current position face value is $521,000! I am most pleased with your service and am very grateful to be able to see how my nervousness about the future is subsiding each day.”

I will give you six months to decide if this is right for you.

And I want you to be 100% satisfied.

Once that first cash payment hits your bank account, I know you’ll think this is the best thing you ever did with your hard-earned money.

So if you’re ready to STOP worrying about stocks and the market at large…

And you’re ready to collect thousands of dollars in regular income…

There’s only one thing left to do…

Click that “Join Now” button below!

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Here’s to your success… to sleeping better at night… and making A LOT of money in the process.

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Steve McDonald
Editor, Oxford Bond Advantage
Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club
March 2016

P.S. You have six months to try this out. I suggest using that trial to collect some of this money before making any final decisions.

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