Bring Home $56,744 Using…

Payroll Certificates

If you’re concerned about retirement, forget relying on Social Security… stocks… real estate… banks… or annuities.

These specific companies are obligated by law to pay you at least$56,744 once you enroll.

Hi everybody, I’m Steve McDonald and I hope you’re sitting down…

Because what you’re about to see will change the way you look at money forever.

It’s one of the only money sources in the world where it’s mandated by LAW that you get paid.

For lack of a better name, I call them “Payroll Certificates.”

Essentially, these are a type of income instrument issued by some of the best companies in our country. I’ll get into the technical aspects in a moment…

But the important thing is this: With these “Certificates,” these companies are obligated to pay you.

Don’t adjust your speakers… you heard me right: They’re obligated to pay you cash.

Collecting this money is easy. It does NOT come from trading stocks. It has nothing to do with Social Security. Or real estate. Or “online” schemes. Or even annuities for that matter.

I promise you…

You will never put in a single day’s worth of work at these companies!

You won’t advertise for them… you won’t fill out surveys… you won’t log hours…

You won’t lift a finger for them, and yet… they’ll still pay you just as if you did work for them!

Best of all, it has nothing to do with the employee payroll. Employees can get their wages slashed at any time… but our payouts are set in stone!

Collecting money from a “Payroll Certificate” takes only a few minutes a week at most.

I should know. I’ve spent the last 15 years designing an income system that relies on them. I’ve found a minimum of 93 companies that are willing to pay out regularly and give you income year-round, like clockwork.

So while my friends who are invested heavily in stocks are chomping at their fingernails… I’m living easy.

Let me prove it to you.

Here’s a deposit from October of last year. It’s from a perfume company called Elizabeth Arden. And the payout looked pretty good to me…

All you had to do to collect this money was get yourself a “Payroll Certificate” from Elizabeth Arden.

And in less than a month’s time, you would have received a payout.

In this case, our payout was $1,402!

Some companies, like Genworth Financial, pay up to $5,618 to holders of “Payroll Certificates”… Others, like Dell, pay as much as $2,257.

Even $6,236 from a company like Barrick Gold.

One of my subscribers Adam Baumann is collecting a ton of cash with these “Certificates.” He emailed me, saying, “Steve, thanks again for the GREAT JOB you are doing for us… I now own 13 ["Payroll Certificates"] thanks to you!”

My point is this: There are dozens of companies that offer these opportunities.

Getting started with just eight companies can net you $56,744.

With 13, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam’s clearing $91,000.

That’s why I want to bring up another one of my friends who uses “Payroll Certificates.”

Travis Allman.

Travis is 70 years old and really wants to cruise around the world and see places like Bali and Australia.

With more than $521,000 in “Payroll Certificates,” Travis has no problem maintaining his lifestyle!

He wrote to me and said, “Current face value is $521,000… and my friends cannot believe me!”

Here’s what I can do for you…

I’ll show you a company willing to pay you cash – then I’ll show you how to get on its payroll.

Even if you want to try this out with just ONE company, you can do it.

You could expect to collect a check totaling anywhere from $4,740 to $9,806 going that route.

But if you’re willing to be bold…

There’s no end in sight to this incredible monthly “payroll” system.

I can show you a proven way to make $56,744…

I can show you how to go big and make $91,000…

I can even show you how to get to a $521,000 face value like Travis has.

It’s all about how much you choose to set aside.

So let me explain how it is I can help YOU collect these “Payroll Certificates” from the world’s most recognizable companies.

And how the money from a “Payroll Certificate” is contractually guaranteed by law.

Take It From Me – This Is the Only Way to Stop Worrying About Your Money

Whether we’ve met before at a conference… or you know me through my weekly videos… or even if this is the first time you’ve seen my face…

There’s one thing we both have in common:

We absolutely HATE losing money!

Let’s face it, everyone feels this way.

But the appreciation I have for it came at a huge personal price…

In 1999, I was making an absolute killing during the dot-com bubble. I was trading tech and communication companies like they were baseball cards.

I made as much as $30,000 – and my retirement was looking beautiful!

But we all know what happened… the dot-com bubble burst.

And every single one of my losses was because of the risky dot-com stocks I had grown fat and happy on.

Just like that, my retirement was in jeopardy. I was losing sleep at night. I could barely eat.

Had I known then what I know now, I would have been fine.

But I had made the same mistake I’m sure a lot of people out there are making right now… I banked it all on stocks only.

I told myself, “It won’t happen to me.”

But it did.

Now, I want you to ask yourself, really ask yourself… just like I should have asked myself back then.

How much money are you comfortable losing?

Are you okay with losing $10,000?


If you’re a stocks-heavy kind of investor like I was, your losses could be much, much worse if we suffer a correction.

I’m not saying you’ll lose it all.

I’m not saying the markets are going to go to zero.

But let’s be realistic here… a major correction could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

And the writing on the wall is starting to show…

  • Famous bull investor Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School is predicting our “first correction” in 2015.
  • Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest banks since 1856, is predicting a 2015 correction.
  • Warren Buffett has drastically sold off his shares in Kraft, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson.
  • Billionaire John Paulson, the man who foresaw the subprime mortgage crisis, says he’s selling off his U.S. stocks.
  • George Soros has dumped millions of shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs as of late January.
  • Jim Rogers expects a correction, adding, “that’s the way the markets have always worked.”
  • Bill Gross, the legendary PIMCO guru, claims “The good times are over” and expects assets to fall this year.

I’m not cherry-picking their words… and I’m not saying the market is going to zero and will completely crash.

But you CANNOT deny the fact that even the “pros” are starting to hedge their bets… bunker down… and protect their estates.

And I think you need to do the same.

Take it from me, I saw my portfolio get hung out to dry in a scenario that looked – and felt – exactly like what we’re going through right now.

Instead, I want to offer you a saner way of making money. Lots of money!

And another way to protect yourself.

I want to show you a way to get money that is contractually guaranteed by law to find its way into your pocket…

These things I call Payroll Certificates are one of the few ways you can invest confidently – knowing with 100% certainty exactly how much you are set to collect in cash payments each year and month.

It’s one of the only investments that can hand you upward of $56,744 in income, no matter what’s happening in the stock market!

The Most Important Decision of My Life

You see, after losing so much in the dot-com bubble of ’99, I realized there had to be a better way of growing money.

It just didn’t seem right to pour money into something as unpredictable as stocks.

Gold and real estate didn’t seem like the answer.

And who the hell even understands how annuities work?

Instead, I decided to start looking for extremely safe, steady ways to grow my money.

Coming up in the brokerage business, I heard a lot of moaning and groaning about older folks calling the office and wanting to get these “Certificates.”

(This was when we still did the majority of our business on the phone, mind you… sometime around the mid-Jurassic era.)

Up until then, I had never even seen one of these Payroll Certificates. But the consensus seemed to be the same around the office…

Don’t recommend them!

As far as the other brokers were concerned, this was the way their grandparents probably made money – they just considered it outdated.

I don’t think I ever saw one of them put their clients’ money into one.

But it wasn’t because Payroll Certificates didn’t make money. Or because they were risky.

Rather, it was a much simpler reason.

“The commissions are too low,” they’d say.

“Nobody’s used those in years – they buy stocks now!”

But one day, I decided to dig into these instruments that the senior brokers told us never to recommend.

What I found was astounding.

We had Payroll Certificates for HUNDREDS of companies.

Once enrolled, companies were obligated by law to pay cold hard cash several times each year.

Companies like…

  • Ferro, which paid up to $7,508.
  • Chesapeake Energy, which paid $3,810.
  • Merrill Lynch, which regularly wrote checks for up to $3,238.
  • Zions Bancorporation, which paid out $2,994.
  • Republic of Venezuela, which paid up to $1,218.
  • Eagle Rock Energy Partners, which paid $8,375.
  • Jefferies Group, which offered $4,188.
  • Arch Coal, which paid $6,014.

At first, I thought, “There’s no way all of this money can be guaranteed by law… there has to be some limit to what you can receive.”

But that couldn’t have been any further from the truth.

There is NO limit to how many of these checks you can receive.

You can take baby steps with just one company and collect around $4,740 to $9,806.

You can start modestly, as I recommend, with eight companies and collect $38,721.

Or you can really get aggressive and sign on with 12 or 13 companies and clear $91,000.

Whatever your “magic number” is, I can help get you there.

I’ve put together a system that relies solely on these Payroll Certificates.

Here’s how it works…

How Payroll Certificates Work

In short, a Payroll Certificate is like owning a stock, but with a few key differences.

With stocks, shares can go up and down in value. You have no control over which way they go.

If you buy certain stocks, you can collect dividends.

Keep in mind, those dividends can be raised or cut without rhyme or reason.

Now, while stocks give you the potential to make money, they also carry the risk that both the share value and dividend payments will drop.

So let’s say you bought 1,500 shares in a dividend stock.

That dividend stock is trading for $10… so you pay $15,000 for your 1,500 shares.

This stock also pays 3% in dividends.

Your investment of $15,000 would pay you $450 a year in cash dividends.

Now, if the stock goes up to say, $12, you’re in great shape.

But if the stock drops to $8, you’ve lost 3,000 bucks. And as we all know, there is no way to know if the stock will ever go back up.

Even if you count the $450 you got in cash, you’ve still lost $2,550.

That’s the risk you take in many stocks. In the short run, a bad turn of events can cost you money.

I don’t know about you, but I hate losing money like that.

But no matter how many times investors lose, few people change the way they invest.

With Payroll Certificates, it’s different.

Similar to stocks, you do in fact “buy” Payroll Certificates.

But unlike stocks, with Payroll Certificates, you know to the penny how much you will make before you invest one cent. Your returns are confirmed before you even make the trade.

So, you know going in exactly how much you’ll get in cash payments. And how much you’ll get back on your original investment.

In other words, unlike dividends, your cash payment cannot be cut.

And the capital gain is also predetermined by law.

Take Barrick Gold, for example.

Collect up to $6,236 From Barrick Gold

Last year, my followers collected a Payroll Certificate for this exact company.

When I first showed it to them, it promised that, if you invested $13,837, you would receive guaranteed cash payments totaling $5,074 – made in 13 separate payouts over time.

After you receive those 13 deposits, you get your original $13,837 back.

Plus, an extra predetermined bonus of $1,162.

In total, then, you put in $13,837. And you get back $20,073.

And the contract you have with the company requires that it pay you every cent. You know exactly how much you’ll make going in.

The only way you wouldn’t receive every penny of this money is if the company goes out of business. And as long as you choose a sound company, this virtually never happens.

In fact, I’ve recommended 93 companies in total. NOT ONE business has ever failed.

So why are companies willing to send you cash like this?

It’s simple, really…

Payroll Certificates Are a Win-Win for Investors and Businesses

Companies sometimes need to raise cash for R&D, new facilities, expansion into new markets and growth of the business as a whole.

They use Payroll Certificates to raise cash, and offer predetermined payments back to investors.

Which in my mind is great.

You collect the cash payments. Then they give you your money back, often with an extra bonus on top.

Now, some people think this money is “tied up,” like a bank holding your money hostage in a CD account.

But that’s not true at all.

Many times, you can cash out your Payroll Certificates after just one payout – you don’t have to hold them for years and years.

Remember the Elizabeth Arden example I showed you before?

That would have paid out in only a month’s time!

On an annualized basis, Elizabeth Arden would have provided you with a return of 33%.

Not bad for only a month, right?

There will be plenty of times like that where I recommend collecting some fast cash.

But more often than not, I recommend purchasing several Payroll Certificates and then collecting the steady cash payments before getting your money back with the extra bonus.

The amount you’ll get on completion is quite astounding.

For example, here are some Certificates out now that anyone can get in on…

  • With DynCorp, you put in $13,935 and you get back $18,675.
  • With Jones Group, you put in $10,320 and you get back $19,170.
  • With Comstock, you put in $9,945 and you get back $19,751.

Now, it’s important to note, you don’t have to invest $9,000 or $10,000 in these.

You can get in for as little as $600 or so.

But as with any investment, your returns are bigger the more you put in.

And remember, these cash returns are obligated by law to be paid to you.

So you know beforehand exactly what you stand to make.

With my Payroll Certificate system, you can expect…

  • Annual returns of between 12% and 58%, depending on the companies
  • A yield 170 times larger than your average savings account
  • Triple the return of 3% to 4% dividend stocks
  • Predetermined cash payments.

Remember, the only major risk to your money is if the company offering the Payroll Certificate goes completely bankrupt.

But I’ve NEVER had one of these companies default and refuse to pay out. Not once. Not ever.

And as I’ll explain to you later, a Payroll Certificate holder is actually in a better position than any stockholder could ever dream of being in.

And you can often get in for less than 1,000 bucks.

Let me show you a few real examples…

$501 From Ferro Corporation

I’ll start with Ferro Corporation.

When I first found out it was offering a Payroll Certificate, it cost $962 to purchase.

And with that, it agreed to pay you a total of $463 – in 11 separate payroll runs. After the payments were complete, they would give you back your $962.

Plus an extra bonus of $38.

In total then… You put in $962. You get back $1,463.

Not a bad deal, I’d say.

And remember, these payments are guaranteed by law.

I can’t stress that enough, people. In the stock market, nothing is guaranteed. Not your dividend. Not your principal.

In this case, you know exactly how much you’re going to make going in.

Here’s a great example of why this is so much better than stocks…

$1,263 From ArcelorMittal…


In the summer of 2012, it was trading for around $16.

So you could have purchased 500 shares for $8,000.

Here’s what happened next…

The stock dropped to $14.20. Your $8,000 dropped to $7,100.

And your investment – even with the paltry $100 dividend payment – came with a loss of $800, or about 10%.

That’s pretty bad.

But during that exact same time period, ArcellorMittal offered a Payroll Certificate.

A single Certificate would cost you just $987.50.

Or you could have purchased 10 for $9,875.

It would have been entirely up to you.

But with your Certificates, ArcelorMittal would have paid you $1,263!

You tell me which you’d prefer.

The risk of losing $800 of your money in a stock in just over six months? Or collecting $1,263 in cash with a Payroll Certificate?

All you had to do was…

  • Follow my instructions.
  • Sign up for the Payroll Certificate using your regular brokerage account.
  • Then wait for the cash to come in!

Here’s another easy payout…

$9,806 in Comstock

Comstock Mining Inc.

With this company, you could get started for just $663.

For every $663 you put in, you would receive eight separate payments totaling $316. Plus, you would get back the $663 when the payments were complete.

And on top of that, you’d get back an extra bonus of $337.

So, in total, you put in $663, you get $1,316.

I can’t stress this enough. These are predetermined returns – obligated by law to be paid to you.

So if you wanted to buy 15 Certificates, your payments would multiply by 15.

In other words, the more you put in, the more you get.

In this case, an investment of $9,945 would turn into $19,740.

That’s a profit of $9,795!

My subscribers are building up portfolios filled with these sorts of opportunities.

Like Christopher Parker from Connecticut… he emailed me and told me he’d been cashing in on Quicksilver Resources, among others.

He said, “Steve, many thanks for Ameren, Exide, Ferro, Arch Coal, Quicksilver… Keep up the good work. Cheers!”

Christopher is collecting payouts from five companies.

I’d estimate he’s clearing about $20,000 a year right now.

And remember, that’s with only five Payroll Certificates.

Get anywhere from five to 10 and you can bring in a ton of cash.

Let me show you…

There’s Companies Everywhere Willing to Offer You Cold Hard Cash

For example, Heckmann Corporation offers a Payroll Certificate right now.

It costs $681.

And in return, it will pay you $310 over the course of six payouts. After that, it’ll give you back the original $681… plus an extra bonus of $319.

Your $681 would turn into $1,310.

With Jones Group, Payroll Certificates cost $688. That gives you the right to eight predetermined payouts totaling $278. And an extra bonus of $312.

Your $688 turns into $1,278.

DynCorp pays you back $1,245 on $929.

A Peabody Energy Payroll Certificate pays you back $1,222 on $877.

The point is, get in on just a few of these and you stand to collect a good deal on payouts going forward.

In fact, just in looking through the available ones now, I’ve found eight that would pay out a total of $56,744.

The returns are predetermined. I can show you how to calculate exactly how much you’ll make. And I can show you the best Payroll Certificates companies are offering now.

You can go big and buy 15 of each if you want to collect the $56,744.

Or you can start small to try it out…

You Can Start Small and Funnel
Money Into Your Accounts!

That’s what one of my longtime followers Roberto Hernandez loves about my system.

He was 82 when got into this, but hey, better late than never!

Roberto told me, “At 82, I knew I needed more balance… So now I just relax, buy five [Payroll Certificates]… and pay no attention until it comes time to get paid… I must admit this is a lot easier! Simply put, it is a matter of trust, and you have mine.”

I love getting letters like these from people who are thriving and sleeping better at night because of Payroll Certificates.

Bill Boehner down in Florida has done so well from my system, he practically considers me family!

He wrote to me and said, “I want you to know I am happy with my choices of your recommendations… If you are ever down our way, which is St. Augustine, Florida, we have a spare third bedroom in our house and would enjoy having you as our guest.”

I invite these people to send me letters whenever they can.

You see, too many people have fallen for the gross lie that stocks are the only way to make money.

The fact is… for many people, stocks are a good way to make money, if you don’t mind the risk.

But if you’re like me, you would rather know how much you stand to make going in.

That’s why so many of the world’s richest people use these certificates…

  • Billionaire Bill Gross has made $2.3 billion from Payroll Certificates!
  • George Soros spent $2 billion of his own money to buy them.
  • Peter Lynch even has a saying that “Gentleman who don’t buy [these] don’t know what they’re missing.”

With my monthly income system, I believe you can earn $56,744 on just eight companies’ Payroll Certificates.

So let me make it easy for you and answer some of the most common questions I run into…

20 Minutes From Now, You Can Be Collecting “Payroll Certificates” From Some of the Most Profitable Companies in the Country…

The first question most people have is “how do I invest in Payroll Certificates anyway?”

The answer is fairly simple.

Payroll Certificates can be found in the bond markets.

Now, don’t get ahead of me…

That doesn’t mean these are ANYTHING like the normal bonds you might be familiar with.

These aren’t the long-term bonds that pay next to nothing and could get killed if the Fed ever decides to raise interest rates.

Rather, Payroll Certificates are a special type of bond that give you…

  • Bigger cash payouts
  • Predetermined capital gains
  • Short-term maturity – as little as two or three years
  • Steady monthly payouts.

What I do is simple…

Each week, I send out an alert – one you would receive via email – that details all the Payroll Certificates I’m recommending now.

And I also send out videos that walk you through exactly what you should do.

My subscribers like the videos because they keep everything crystal clear without any misunderstandings.

The bottom line is this:

I will give you all the information you’ll need to get started:

  • How much money you’re going to get paid
  • The specific day each company is paying you out
  • Which companies offer the best Payroll Certificates
  • How to make the trade in any brokerage account.

Once you get comfortable doing this, you may not ever want to trade stocks again. I think you’re going to like knowing – ahead of time – just how much money you’re going to make.

Now, I understand if you are skeptical.

People often are when confronted with something new.

So let me run through a few of the questions I regularly hear from people…

Dilemma No. 1: What if the
Company Goes Bust?

A lot of people have one underlying fear…

“What if the company goes bust? How will I cash out my Payroll Certificate?”

Now, I know they say there’s no such thing as a “stupid question.”

But this is truly a stupid question… and it’s one that people ask me all the time

Hear me out…

When you buy stock, what do you think happens to you, as an investor, if the company goes bankrupt?

Do you think you get some sort of consolation?

A severance check in the mail?

An IOU for something of equal value?

Hell no!

If you’re a stock holder and the company goes bankrupt…

Your shares are worth nothing.



In fact, the company can completely wash its hands of investors with no legal ramifications whatsoever.

That’s not true with Payroll Certificates.

Even if the company went bankrupt – which has never happened to ANY that I’ve recommended – the company would then sell off all its assets and return any money to anyone holding a Payroll Certificate.

I just want to emphasize this one point. I’ve recommended 93 companies over the last three years.

Not one company has gone bankrupt. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

And that’s exactly why Julian Donner, one of my subscribers, wrote to me.

“I must thank you and your staff for helping me find the best yields, and ones with companies that will always pay and not go out of business. I just got a payout! Again, thanks for your help in these turbulent markets and keep up the good work!”

With Payroll Certificates, not only are you protected from a company going bust… but you also have the law on your side… you’ve got a legal contract that guarantees you will get paid.

Here’s the second question I hear the most…

Dilemma No.2: Is There Any
Other Way to Lose Money?

With stocks, there are an unlimited number of ways to lose money. A bad earnings report, a lawsuit, an oil spill, a merger gone wrong – all can lose you money.

With Payroll Certificates, there is exactly one way to lose money. And we just talked about it. Oh, that and if you sell at a loss.

Every once in a while, this happens.


Quite simply, there are times when I recommend closing out positions early and, every once in a while, that will result in a small loss – usually 3% or 6% at most.

Last year, I closed four positions early for losses of 1%, 6.2%, 3.9% and 4.2%.

I do this so we transfer into more profitable plays that will make more money in the long run.

But when you consider that it happens only once out of every 20 or so Payroll Certificates…

And you consider how much more you could lose with stocks, I think it’s a no-brainer.

Not to mention, that’s it. I’ve just summed up the only two things that can go wrong.

I don’t see any reason not to at least give this a try.

In fact, I recommend you collect a quick $1,522 from this aluminum company right now.

This $1,522 Is Waiting for You

First of all, this company is in outstanding financial shape.

Profits are up 232% year over year.

It’s recently made Nasdaq’s “hot performers” list.

And with my guidance, you can easily collect $1,542 from this company.

It’s easy…

  • To initially get started, you’ll need just $1,021.
  • You’ll then collect $522, split into 10 separate payments.
  • When the payouts are done, you’ll get your full $1,021 back.

In total, then, you put in $1,021. And you get back $1,522.

That’s a predetermined return of 54%.

And best of all, you know beforehand exactly how much you stand to make!

I’ll show you how to get in on this Payroll Certificate in just a moment…

But first, let me show you what’s especially fun about this…

You Can Laugh at Your Friends
When Stocks Drop!

One of the great things about Payroll Certificates is they are 100% unaffected by drops in the company’s stock.

Take Prospect Capital Corp. for example.

A business development company listed on the Nasdaq…

You could buy its stock.

Or one of its Payroll Certificates.

I found a Payroll Certificate that would pay interest of $888 on an investment of $994. That’s an 89% return. Plus, you get the $994 back.

At the same time, an investment of $994 could have purchased you 89 shares of company stock.

Let’s say you bought the Payroll Certificate. And a friend bought the stock.

Here’s what your friend would have gone through:

He would have agonized as the stock dropped 24% – leaving him with a loss of $238.

His $994 is now down to $755.

In the meantime, guess what your Payroll Certificate would still be on track to do?

It’d still be set to pay you 89% over time.

This is what’s great about this stuff.

The predetermined payments are backed by your contract with the company, so you don’t have to worry about stock losses.

And in the meantime, when any of your friends start whining about the markets… you can just laugh and laugh.

At least that’s what I do.

As one of my subscribers, John Chandler from Boca Raton, Florida, says, “with [Payroll Certificates], I get better returns than the stock market and I sleep at night.”

So how do you get started with Payroll Certificates?

I can tell you, once you know what you are doing, these are easy to trade in any brokerage account.

I have dozens of companies in very strong financial position offering these payments now.

And in the year ahead, I’d like the chance to help you build a portfolio of Certificates that pay you at least $56,744. (And if you want to make more, you can do that too.)

I do this with my current subscribers in weekly alerts.

They are fast and easy and I tell my subscribers exactly what to buy. My research service is something I call Oxford Bond Advantage.

Now, don’t let the name fool you.

While Payroll Certificates are a type of bond, they are not the type you are probably familiar with.

Most of my current subscribers have said that they had never owned even one before they came on board.

We’re not talking about 30-year corporate bonds that you hold forever. They aren’t government Treasurys or bond funds either.

Payroll Certificates are short-term, high-paying bonds that give you a real advantage over both traditional bonds and stocks… hence the “Oxford Bond Advantage.”

I’d like you to try my service out… trade a Payroll Certificate or two… and see for yourself how much better this is than regular investing.

And I can tell you the results for my current subscribers have been dramatically positive.

I’ve Got You Covered…

Travis Allman is probably my favorite success story. Sure, he’s struck it big, but the fact that he has peace of mind… that’s what really makes me feel good.

He said, “I began to buy with you the first week of your service and have bought each week with few exceptions… Current position face value is $521,000… My friends cannot believe me! I am most pleased with your service and am very grateful to be able to see how my nervousness about the future is subsiding each day.”

Or take my subscriber Mike Robinson… He wrote in…

“Steve, I’ve found your Oxford Bond Advantage system excellent so far. Your recommendations and videos are very clear. I love the enthusiasm and humor in your videos.”

Or Rod Richwell. He loves that I make the format easy to understand:

“I feel like I know you because of your videos. I appreciate being changed from a stock-head to a bond-head at this point in life. I am taking almost all your recommendations and think this is the stability and comfort I need for retirement.”

Each of these gentlemen followed my instructions and is now reaping the rewards.

And I know that I can help you do the same.

Here’s how I can be so sure…

Make $56,744 Using Payroll Certificates

Let’s take the low-end estimate of your average retiree’s savings account.

For a 55-year-old, it’s $103,200.

A savings account – with interest rates at .05% – is going to pay you $154 in three years.

Just 154 bucks on a hundred grand – that’s outrageous.

Even with a CD that pays 2%, you’d get only $6,192 in three years.

Even if you invested in stocks, took on the risk and made the market average of 8%, you’d still get only $24,788.

By comparison, an investment of $96,345 in the eight Payroll Certificates I’ve talked about today…

Would pay you $56,744!

That’s more than double what you’d get from the stock market, and in only slightly more time.

Except the difference is, with stocks, you’re taking much more risk.

While with these, you know exactly how much you’re set to make going in.

And remember, you can invest in these same certificates for just $9,634 if you wanted to, and in that case, you’d collect $5,674, plus have your principal returned to you.

How much you make is up to you.

Best of all, you can collect this money knowing you’re not taking on any unnecessary risk!

You don’t risk a bad earnings report or the economy going south. You don’t risk a new product going belly-up.

That’s what Jeremy Snow, one of my subscribers, loves about this.

Jeremy is 62 years old and he says he depends on my service for income. He wishes he found it years ago because he said that he would “be receiving almost $100,000 a year in income. Can you imagine that!!!!”

Yes, Jeremy, I can!

Payroll Certificates are the safest way to collect big returns and invest with a PLAN where you control how much you make going in.

It’s 100% different than the guessing game on Wall Street.

And now couldn’t be a better time to move on this.

Here’s why…

Are We Due for a Major Correction?

Right now, we’re six years into one of the best bull markets in history.

And history says we have a major correction about every six or seven years.

It happened in ’87… it happened in ’98… and again in 2001. We all know what hit in 2008.

And I’m having flashbacks to my dot-com catastrophe all over again.

You can see why…

Take a look at the S&P 500.

Up 106%… down 49% (the dot-com bubble)…

Up 101%… down 57% (the housing collapse)…

Now, we’re up 161% from the lowest point in 2009…

If you were to take a guess, would you say it’s just going to keep going up and up and up?

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

I know history doesn’t always repeat itself, but as Mark Twain once famously said, “History certainly rhymes.”

Take it from me – I saw my retirement nearly go up in smoke after the dot-com bubble burst.

But that’s why I’m fighting tooth and nail to get the word out there about Payroll Certificates.

My System Can Protect You –
and Your Money

As I’ve mentioned before, the recommendations in Oxford Bond Advantage (both open and closed) have an unparalleled success rate.


And of course, the best part is…

You can collect this money even when the stock market crumbles.

I showed you earlier how I told my subscribers to collect $1,402 from the company Elizabeth Arden…

But what you didn’t know was that this was during the October “crisis” we had last year.

I recommended Elizabeth Arden right as the S&P 500 dropped like a rock:

The markets got so bad during this time, the Federal Reserve called an emergency meeting on it.

But while everyone else was panicking and selling their stocks, my followers sat back and waited for the check.

That’s what you can expect with my Oxford Bond Advantage.

Steady money…

Peace of mind…

And a set of investments ready to make you money.

Sign Up for These Payroll Certificates
as Soon as You Can

Right now, I’m looking at several Payroll Certificates in particular…

The first one is from a company that sells and leases jets and aircrafts worldwide.

The company has more than 140 planes and customers in 37 countries.

It is expecting a 21% jump in earnings between 2014 and 2015, and a 24% annual growth rate for the next five years.

And according to Moody’s rating service, the company is liquid and well-run.

With its Payroll Certificate, you put in $1,080. You get back $1,168.

The second company I’m looking at is one that EVERYBODY has heard of…

But I’m willing to bet that 99% of people don’t know they can get on the company’s payroll.

Its Payroll Certificates are killer.

We’re talking a total payout of $1,691 on every $960 investment.

That’s a return of 76%.

Again, this isn’t an estimate or a guess. This is the predetermined amount guaranteed in the contract.

The third company I’m suggesting you collect Payroll Certificates from is a budding aluminum company.

In fact, it’s highly probable the aluminum foil in your kitchen came from this very company!

It’s got plants scattered throughout Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina… even down in Jamaica!

The growth rate for the next five years is a very healthy 10% per year.

This one pays out $1,522 on every $1,020.

So you put in $1,020. You get back $1,522.

Again, that’s money obligated by law to be paid to you.

I’ll give you the names of each of these companies – along with several more companies offering big payouts – when you try out my Oxford Bond Advantage.

Try Oxford Bond Advantage and See for Yourself!

If you sign up today for my premier research service, Oxford Bond Advantage, you’ll have everything handed to you on a silver platter.

Each month, I spend literally hundreds of hours crunching numbers and analyzing data to find the safest and most lucrative investments.

With my experience, I can easily…

  • Hunt down only the lowest-risk, most profitable investments with the biggest payouts.
  • Uncover certificates that promise the BIGGEST capital gains.
  • Recommend only plays with ultra-short maturities. This increases our safety and protection from interest-rate issues associated with longer-term bonds.

I do all the grunt work and heavy lifting.

All you will have to do if you want in on the action is…

  • Check your email.
  • Act on my instructions.
  • And collect your payouts!

Remember, I’ve never had one of my recommended bonds default.

And readers could’ve made money on 94% of my Oxford Bond Advantage recommendations so far.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to trade bonds.

Unlike stocks, you don’t have to worry about selling a bond at the perfect time…

Or worry about buying immediately.

You can play golf all day… go on an extended fishing trip…

Whatever your passion…

Bonds are the perfect way to watch money flow in with minimal effort… and minimal risk.

Get Started in 20 Minutes

If you’re ready to get started right now, at the bottom of this presentation, there’s a button you can press.

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Before you press this button, I want to be very clear…

Yes, Oxford Bond Advantage costs money.

But remember, just eight of these Payroll Certificates could pay you $56,744.

So even at that price, it would be a great deal.

But I’m not here today to give you the “normal” treatment.

I know what it’s like to get hit hard by the markets. And I’m here to make sure that DOESN’T happen to you.

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But if you have any reservations left whatsoever… let me make this as easy as possible for you…

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Since its introduction, Oxford Bond Advantage has accomplished a 94% success rate.

Its track record is indisputable.

But you need assurances it will continue this way in the future.

If for any reason Oxford Bond Advantage fails to give you the opportunity to win on 90% of the recommendations I’ve made, including both bonds we’re holding and bonds we’ve sold…

If the track record shows a win rate worse than 90%, just call me up and I’ll refund your entire subscription fee.

I doubt you’ll ever find a no-lose, all-gain offer like this again.

But I have one more guarantee to give you…

Guarantee No. 2: I’ll Give You

If after three months you aren’t convinced that Oxford Bond Advantage is right for you…

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You see, I’ve spoken with our VIP Services representatives…

And not to toot my own horn, but they’ve told me that people absolutely love my work.

They’re so confident, the head of VIP Services contacted me directly and said…

“Give people three months to try it out… I know for a fact they won’t ask for their money back.”

We’re putting our money where our mouth is…

That’s how confident we are.

So if you’re ready to graduate from stocks… and take your investing to the next level… Oxford Bond Advantage will get you there.

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You can double-check all the benefits that come with a subscription. And you can even review your order before it’s final.

Everything is laid out in black and white.

That way, you can make the right decision for you.

But believe me…

With subscribers like Charlie Heins making $19,690 a year…

And Travis Allman sitting on $521,000…

I know this is going to be one of the best decisions you ever make.

I’m Steve McDonald.

Thanks for watching.

Steve McDonald
Editor, Oxford Bond Advantage
Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club

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