Hi. Steve McDonald here.

First things first…

I’m not predicting a stock market crash today.

No one can know exactly when that’ll happen.

But if you’re not worried about this market, you’re not paying attention.

Take a look at the facts:

  1. Right now, stocks are 50% more expensive than any time over the past decade. The Wall Street Journal reports that some measures indicate the market is “close to 2007 and 2008 extremes.”
  2. According to Forbes, 85% of stocks are overvalued.
  3. Since March 2009, the market has risen 140%. That’s 28% a year… Four times the market average.

But perhaps this chart says it best:


It very clearly shows the boom and bust cycle that stocks have experienced over the past 17 years.

Up 106%… Down 49%.

Up 101%… Down 57%.

Now we’re up 111% again…

And a lot of people are concerned.

Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize winner and professor of economics at Yale, says, “It could end badly… Bubbles look like this.”

A Goldman Sachs analyst predicts the stock market “could decline by 10% or more.”

Recently, MarketWatch said there is an “87% risk of a stock market downturn…”

And Henry Blodget, the CEO of Business Insider, thinks, “there’s a decent chance that the stock market will crash in the next year or two – maybe dropping 30% or more.”

Obviously, if you’re feeling worried about this market, you’re not alone.

Of course, that isn’t to say that a crash is imminent. The market could just as easily continue soaring upward perhaps thousands of points.

But my question to you is…

“Can you afford to risk it? Can you afford a 10%… 20%… Or even 40% hit to your portfolio if it happens?”

Personally, I NEVER like losing money.

So if you’re like me, your answer is no. I can’t afford the risk.

Which is why I want to share something totally different with you today.

It’s a way to collect legally binding 12% to 48% returns outside the stock market.

I’m talking about a way to lock in – beforehand – how much you stand to make… While collecting returns that often outshine what stocks can deliver.

The New York Times reports it’s “done better than stocks in good markets, and better than stocks in bad markets as well.”

The Wall Street Journal says it’s “a small but highly lucrative niche.”

And U.S. News calls it an “alternative to the stock market.”

Using this strategy, I will show how to make money no matter what happens in the market

Even if the stock market falls… If it goes up another 2,000 points… Or if it scrapes along sideways for years to come.

If you don’t like the risk and constant worry of stock market investing, this is perfect for you.

In 88 total recommendations I’ve made using this alternative, my readers could’ve made money on 95% of them so far.

And best of all, this technique removes so much of the “worry” from investing. I’ve shown this to other people like yourself and they ALL agree:

Like Ben Cranford who tells me, “The returns we are getting are great… And it’s nice being able to not worry.”

And then there’s Brian Jackson. He said it’s “The best strategy of investing I’ve ever seen.“

But it’s not just the comfort of sleeping at night. You can make huge returns too. Paul Tiernan put it best: “I show big profits.”

Simply put, this gives YOU control of your financial destiny. Not the wolves on Wall Street.

And remember, it operates 100% outside the stock market. So a downturn would have ZERO impact on your net worth.

But before I get into the meat of how to get great returns outside the market, let me tell you something about myself and why I came up with this approach…

Can You Afford to Lose
60% of Your Retirement?

To put it bluntly…

I absolutely hate losing money.

I grew up a poor kid…

As a child growing up in rural Pennsylvania, we were so broke that a lot of the time my family didn’t have a telephone or a car. Sometimes there was no heat… no hot water.

My humble childhood taught me the true value of money and drove the fear of being poor again deep inside me.

I know how painful being poor can be. Which is why I can’t stand taking risks or losing money.

In fact, it drives me crazy and scares the hell out of me every time people lose money in the markets.

I hated it when it happened in 2002…

I hated it when it happened in 2008…

And before in ‘87 and ‘94…

Every time it’s miserable.

And I know it will happen again.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think stocks are great for the long term. But for me, I just can’t handle the downturns.

I can’t tell you enough…

I don’t know if and when a market crash will come. But if you’re not worried about this market, you’re not being a responsible investor.

Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat… but it does rhyme.”

And I can hear the market’s “rhyme” loud and clear.

The only time stocks have been more expensive was in 1929 right before the Great Depression… And in 2000, before the dot-com collapse.

Two times. That’s it. Each time preceded two of the largest collapses in market history.

I understand if you’re uneasy about it right now. It makes perfect sense.

But you’re not alone…

I just heard from one of our Members named Tom…

“I’m very nervous about this market,” he says.

“I’ve done pretty well in the markets since 2010, and I’ve regained a good chunk of what I lost in the 2008 crash. But I don’t want to go through that again. I’m 55 and would like to retire in the next 10 years. What should I do?”

Listen, Tom, I feel your pain.

I’m a 60-year-old guy. I’ve been in the markets for 30 years.

And through it all, I’ve seen the pain people go through every time the market drops.

I’ve also seen the mistakes people make.

In 2008, everyone was hanging on… hoping the crash would stop… But it kept going lower and lower.

Then people sold out at the bottom… And missed the recovery.

Some lost their entire savings… Some got evicted from their homes or went deep into debt… It was a really dark time.

Losing money is just too much to handle.

It ruins your day. You get a pit in your stomach. You’re ticked off. You don’t want to open your trading account and see the damage.

That’s why I’ve created this new system.

To stop that from ever happening again.

Preparing, Protecting
and Profiting

I want to show you exactly what I’m doing to protect and grow my own money and how you can prepare as well.

I’m talking about a unique way to enjoy the returns of stocks with a tiny fraction of the risk, while at the same time collecting gains of 12% to 48%.

Keep in mind: these returns are legally bound.

That’s what makes this opportunity so unique – where else in today’s market are you going to find an investment that GUARANTEES the amount you’re set to make from day one?

There just aren’t that many investments out there that can give you this kind of safety and reliability.

And what’s worse, almost NOBODY out there knows about this.

Consider John Sandler of Byron, Ill., who wrote me to say…

  • “If this would have been available about ten years ago, I estimate that I would now be receiving almost $100,000 a year in income.”

I’ve personally used this technique to show my readers a 95% win rate…

Best of all, it operates differently than the stock market.

In the markets, you buy a stock… And after that, how much you make (or lose) is up to the market gods.

You have no control.

That’s why stocks are nowhere near as reliable as what I’m about to show you.

Here’s why…

  1. Extreme Safety

    You’ll make money completely outside of the stock market…

    On top of that, 100% of your principal is guaranteed by legal contract. It is this contract that legally commits companies – so long as they are in business – to pay the investor back his principal plus interest.

    You know exactly how much you’ll be paid to the penny and exactly when.

    Stock market swan dives… terrorist attacks… weak economic reports… poor earnings… It doesn’t matter – you still get paid!

  2. Big Returns

    You can get surefire 12% to 48% returns. That’s HUNDREDS of times more interest than you’d get in a money market account.

    A report issued by Russell Investments says you see “both higher income and higher total return” using the same strategy I employ.

    They concluded this strategy delivers “equity-like returns but with much lower volatility.”

    You get the best of everything: high income AND high capital gains.

    It’s perfect for retirement, since you want your portfolio to be growing WHILE collecting huge streams of income.

  3. Massive 95% Win Rate

    You can expect to make money on 95 out of every 100 trades you make.

    Over the past three years, I’ve recommended 88 investments using this strategy. Out of those 88, 84 are winners – including what we’re holding right now. If you can top that win rate, my hat’s off to you.

Without question, this strategy gives you the best of both worlds.

It’s perhaps the safest way to make money, but it offers returns far exceeding any investment out there.

And Believe Me, This Is
Better Than Stocks

I want to show you how to bring in safe, consistent returns using this strategy.

As I’ve said, nearly all of my recommendations using this approach have made money.

In fact, I’m so confident at this point that I’ll personally guarantee that at least 90% of my recommendations will make money.

That’s how confident I am.

So how does it work?

The Single Best Way to
Collect Income

This strategy involves the most reliable and, in my experience, the most profitable investment in the world…


OK, OK… I know what you’re thinking.

“You’re talking about bonds! What do they pay, like 1%? You’ve gotta be joking!”

But before you make any assumptions, take everything you think you know about bonds and throw it out the window.

I’m not talking about the kind of bonds you’re probably familiar with.

It’s a special type of bond that you’ve probably never heard of.

They pay out legally binding gains of 12% to 48%… They make money more than 95% of the time… And I’ve never once had even one default.

Take a moment and remember the stock market crash…

Imagine that you’re back in January of 2008…

The market just came off a 45% gain.

People are forgetting the dot-com crash…

Investors are pouring into the stock market…

Sound familiar?

And what happened?

The market dropped 38% that year. It was off more than 60% before it finished dropping.

It ruined lives… Not to mention countless retirement savings.

Now consider this…

Had you used my strategy, your returns would’ve been exceptional.

  • One recommendation I made – on National City Bank – returned as much as 96% in a single, eight-week period.
  • Another bond I recommended handed my subscribers a 21% gain in less than a year…
  • And a third generated a 45% gain in just a few months.

Yes, I made these returns in the worst market since the Great Depression.

That’s the power of what I’m showing you today.

It works in all markets…

Recessions… Crashes… Depressions… Dips… Corrections.

It doesn’t matter. Your return is essentially set in stone.

Let me show you…

How My Strategy Works

What I’m not talking about here is buying 10-year Treasurys… I’m not talking about buying a corporate bond that pays 2%… And I’m certainly not talking about international bonds that might pay you 15% but default after a year and a half.

In all my time doing this, I’ve never once had one of the bonds in my recommended portfolio default.

That bears repeating – I’ve NEVER had a default happen on my watch.

And I don’t plan on starting now.

So what kind of bonds am I talking about?

I’m talking about a special way to get very safe, low-risk bonds at a significant discount.

Let me explain…

A bond is nothing more than a loan to a corporation…

Say you buy a typical $1,000 bond.

That means the company agrees to pay you back your $1,000 in full at a certain point in the future.

In the meantime, it pays you interest on your $1,000.

But the most important thing is that the company – by law – must pay you that $1,000 back on a specific date.

That’s all pretty standard fare… But I have a unique edge

I can show you how to get those bonds in very safe companies at huge discounts.

So instead of $1,000, you might pay $600 for the bond…

But the company is still legally required to pay you $1,000 for the bond at maturity… Meaning you get an automatic $400 gain.

So, you invested $600… Got back your $600… And made an extra $400 profit.

Your gain on that would be 66.7%.

The great thing about this is the company is obligated to pay you that gain on a specific date.

And while you’re waiting for that payday, you’re getting paid regular streams of income as a sort of bonus.

Remember, this bond might be paying 8% on the original $1,000.

That’s 80 bucks a year.

But you only paid $600… So you’re actually getting 13% in income.

In total then, you know going in to this particular play that you’re going to get a 66% capital gain and 13% in income every year.

Remember, because these are legally binding payments, you WILL get these returns no matter what happens in the economy.

It’s as close to a guaranteed return as you’ll get.

The day-to-day fluctuations in the prices of bonds mean nothing.

Even big fluctuations mean nothing unless you decide to sell your bond before maturity or if the company goes out of business.

That’s the only risk you face. There’s no guarantee you’ll get paid if the company goes out of business.

OK, but you might say that’s a pretty big risk…

But in my 30 years in the bond market, I’ve never had that happen.

That’s why I can guarantee you will not see any bonds in my track record default. AND I’ll also guarantee that a minimum of 90% of the ones I recommend will make money.

I don’t recommend a bond unless I’m confident it’s extremely safe. In fact, sometimes I am overly safe. It’s the poor kid in me.

Now, I’ve recommended 88 bonds using this strategy. My subscribers could have made good money on 84 of them so far. But I won’t sugarcoat it… Every once in a while, I’ll sell a bond early at a small loss.

This happens about once or twice a year. Of course, we make money on 19 plays for every single loss. But it still bugs me.

As I said, I hate losing money and I don’t like to take risks.

That was one of the reasons I had to leave the brokerage business. If I recommended something and it lost money for my clients – I’m not joking – I couldn’t sleep at night.

“I often get a chuckle when people bring up how the risk of default makes bonds risky… I ask them ‘what do you think will happen to a company’s stock when the company goes out of business? If the company goes out of business, the stock’s going to zero too! But I know that bonds get paid first!’”

It bothers me that much.

But that’s why I love bonds, because it takes as much worrying out of the equation as possible.

A company’s stock can go from $100 to $1 – losing 99% for investors – but as long as its doors are open, we can make money on its bonds.

All the stock-related news can be awful… and we’ll still get paid.

Let me give you an example…

Legally Binding
Double-Digit Returns

Let’s take a look at a company called Arch Coal.

Arch Coal is the second-largest coal producer in the U.S. It represents 14% of the total U.S. coal supply. And it controls a reserve base of 5 billion tons.

Now, coal stocks like this one plummeted in 2012 and 2013.

The press attacked them left and right.

And the White House was on a warpath against coal miners.

Nobody wanted them.

And for good reason… If you’d bought Arch Coal’s stock on June 27, 2012, you would’ve lost 27% to date.


You see, nothing is guaranteed in the stock market.

It’s a constant guessing game.

Yet you could’ve made money AND slept soundly at night if you bought Arch Coal’s bond.

I know, because that’s what I told my subscribers to do on June 27, 2012.

If you had bought Arch Coal’s bond, you would’ve seen a 13% return… that would be 25% annualized.

A double-digit loss in stocks? Or a double-digit gain from bonds?

I’ll let you make the choice.

And situations like these are not rare…

On July 5, 2012, I recommended a bond sold by First Data.

Had you invested in First Data’s bond when I sent out an alert, you would have locked in a 20.98% return

And last year, I showed my readers how to get returns of 17.40% on Genworth Financial… 17.07% on SunEdison Inc… And 13.7% on Quicksilver Resources.

This year, I’ve recommended a bond that could pay out an annualized 68% this year!

And I find dozens of these opportunities throughout the year.

Sure, there are other guys out there who lure you in and promise you triple-digit winners…

But if you swing for the fences every time, you’re bound to strike out along the way.

That’s why I love bonds.

I’ll take a 17% legally binding return without the risk of a market crash any day.

The point is… If you look for secure, safe bonds trading at a discount, you can absolutely crush the market… While achieving ultimate safety.

And that’s exactly what I do with my research service…

I call it Oxford Bond Advantage.

With Oxford Bond Advantage, I recommend four to five of these situations every month. I will inform you any time a strong company has a bond trading at a discount.

That way, you can collect a constant stream of income throughout the year.

And remember: I guarantee that no bond I recommend will default while I recommend holding it AND you’ll see at least a 90% win rate – including both open and closed plays – in my track record after one year. As you’ll see in a moment, I’m making a significant monetary commitment to make this promise.

I’ll give you the specifics in a minute. But I don’t think you’ll ever find a better deal.

And the folks who’ve followed my bond recommendations have been very happy…

“I enjoy your service very much. In fact it’s the most complete service I have ever subscribed to.” – Martin Lenoir, New Orleans, La.

“I am pleased with your hard work and your constant pursuit of bonds. You seem to be on the lookout for us and our needs – my hat is off to you. Thanks for taking care of us.” – Hank Keller, Whatron, Texas

“Love your service. I’ll NEVER be without it again.” – Scott Knight, Augusta, Ga.

“Your service is by far the best I’ve subscribed to in my entire life.” – John Stoller, Sands Point, N.Y.

You really opened my eyes. I never understood or appreciated the value of bonds before” – Steve Roth, Aventura, Fla.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “If bonds are so great, why are money managers always touting stocks?”

Here’s why…

The World’s Most

Bonds are the most misunderstood investment.

When I first got involved with this, I knew it was going to be an uphill battle.

One of the reasons people avoid bonds is because they think they don’t pay anything.

People look at me and go, “BONDS? You want me to buy bonds? What do they pay, 1%?”

Well actually, we tend to make between 12% and 48%.

So you can make a LOT of money with these things.

But in my experience, NOBODY really understands how bonds work.

If I said we have a “kicker bond,” does anybody know what a “kicker bond” is?

How about an “open convertible?”

What’s the difference between “yield to maturity” and “yield to call?”

Not many people understand this stuff.

Which is why bonds scare a lot of people.

Now, you may have heard the doomsayers talking about how the bond market has to sell off.

But what you’re hearing from the talking heads on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox is about government-issued treasuries and bond funds.

The bonds I recommend work differently.

In fact, over the next year, you could see the biggest gains of your lifetime.

Here’s why…

The Buying Opportunity
of the Century

Look, the Fed eventually has to raise interest rates. Most people think this is bad for bonds, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

It will only be bad for people who hold long-term bonds, like 30-year Treasurys.

For us, it’s going to create perhaps the best buying opportunity of our lifetime.

As interest rates move up, high-yielding bonds will become available at an enormous discount.

When this happens, at least 20% to 30% a year could be routine.

That would be one of the biggest returns we ever see.

I can’t wait for this. We’ll be getting double-digit yields paying out like clockwork.

You bet you’re going to make some money!

That’s why I love bonds.

And it’s the reason I’m inviting you to join Oxford Bond Advantage… My readers are on the verge of making a lot of money.

If you ask me, this is a fork-in-the-road moment… You can either continue risking your money in an overvalued stock market or get returns (bound by legal contract) with almost no risk.

Big Gains Without
Big Risks

Honestly, how great would it be if every trade you ever made had a 95% success rate and paid you 12% to 48%?

You’d pour everything you had into investments that did that, right?

Take subscriber Charles Vaughn from Portage Mich., for example…

He says, “Steve, I have been active for one and a half years, no losses on individual bonds, my current holdings will produce a return of 13% in the next year and my closed positions have done better.”

It doesn’t get better than that. Double-digit returns. No losses. No stress.

That brings me to my first Bond Commandment, the first rule of a poor kid.


Somehow Wall Street has convinced us it’s OK to lose money.

If you’re working with the average stockbroker, they go, “Well, we have a loser here. But that’s alright, we’ve averaged that in.”

You’ve averaged that in where?

Where exactly did you average that in?

Because I don’t remember anybody averaging that into my wallet.

OXFORD BOND COMMANDMENT #2: Know Before You Invest

Give yourself the certainty of knowing what the minimum expected return is and understand that no matter what the price does, you’ll get your money.

The stock market might go up this year. It might go down. It might tread water. A lot depends on things we can’t control.

Nobody ever really knows where the stock market will go.

But, when you buy a bond, you know the MINIMUM it’s obligated to pay you.

It doesn’t matter what the stock market does.

As long as a company pays its bills, it MUST send you AT LEAST the return you’ve prearranged… usually between 12% and 48%.

OXFORD BOND COMMANDMENT #3: When in Doubt, Refer to Rule #1 (Don’t Lose Money!)

There are some bad bonds out there…

If you own anything with a long maturity or leveraging, sell.

Sell. Get out. It’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever done for your money.

Especially when it comes to bond funds.

Bond funds leverage their purchases.

What that means is if they bring in a billion dollars, they will take $800 million and borrow against it to buy more bonds to bump up the yield.

What do you think happens to the cost of that debt when interest rates go up?

What do you think happens to your share price when the cost of that interest goes up?

You go back to 1994 and you look at any bond mutual fund and see what happened to the prices between January and August.

They raised interest rates six times in 1994.

One bond fund literally dropped 24% then and never got it back.

That’s how dangerous bond funds are.

When everybody’s talking about the bloodbath that’s going to come in the bond market, that’s what’s going to cause it. Leverage in bond funds.

So how do we protect ourselves?

No Better Time Than Now
to Buy Corporate Bonds

We already know the answer: buy individual bonds.

Discounted short-term corporate bonds, in particular.

These will work in all interest rate environments.

The beauty of this is it’s a light at the end of the tunnel – unlike any other investment.

You know exactly when you’ll get income every year.

You know when you’re going to get your principal back.

And you know how much the company is obligated to pay you at the minimum.

Let me give you a real-world example of how well this strategy works…

$19,690 in Less Than
12 Months

One of my first readers was Charlie Heins, from Orlando, Fla.

After following my recommendations and using my strategy with a few plays of his own, he sent me a snapshot of his portfolio:

Name Date Purch. Date Sold Gain Textron 5/22/2009 10/13/2009 $1,401.33 Textron 6/19/2009 11/4/2009 $1,123.08 Genworth 7/22/2009 11/10/2009 $1,685.19 Dow Chemical 3/9/2009 11/17/2009 $530.00 Alcoa 2/1/2009 11/17/2009 $918.23 Genworth 7/22/2009 11/17/2009 $1,086.79 SLM 4/9/2009 11/23/2009 $566.25 Hartford 4/1/2009 11/23/2009 $1,010.43 Merrill Lynch 6/1/2009 12/1/2009 $1,300.00 Host Marriott 5/18/2009 1/20/2010 $784.00 ILFC 2/9/2009 2/23/2010 -$197.73 Allied Capital 11/24/2009 5/4/2010 $1,637.87 GMAC 11/3/2009 5/21/2010 $2,008.17 ILFC 6/11/2009 8/15/2010 $2,341.50 SLM 11/10/2009 8/20/2010 $2,008.17 Royal Caribbean 5/29/2009 8/25/2010 $2,045.00

15 out of 16 of his trades were profitable.

Many came quickly – several in less than five months.

Now get this: Chuck had 15 gains totaling $19,877 and a single $197 loss.

Total net returns came to $19,680 in less than a year.

That says more than I ever could about what bonds can do for your portfolio and your peace of mind.

That’s why Chuck and hundreds of my other subscribers have left the stock market… And discovered a safer, more profitable way to make money.

Like John Chandler of Boca Grande, Fla., who says:

  • “I have to agree that this is a great service. You have made me impressive gains so far. Your picks are realistic. It couldn’t be easier. Now I sit back and wait for the next recommendation, and get paid.”

Then there’s Curt Gates of Solvang, Calif., who told me:

  • “I have been retired for 20 years and actively trading stocks and some bonds during this time, depending on advice from many different advisors. You have consistently given the best advice of the many stock and bond editors that I have subscribed with!

And Jim Wheaton of Grass Valley, Calif., says:

  • Thanks for all the great profits on the last bond sales. I do like your mentality, just like mine. Thanks again for all your work and tremendous expertise on bonds. You’re the best.”
  • I love hearing about my reader’s big scores… and I’d like you to be part of this “success story.”

    But that takes what I call a “stock market intervention”…

    Your Stock Market

    Practically every week, people tell me they want to get back into the stock market.

    But nearly before the words are out of their mouths, they start second-guessing themselves…

    They worry about whether the economy is truly recovering… Or if the U.S. will ever get over its debt problems.

    Before they even invest a dollar, their mind is worrying about every little thing that could go wrong.

    You can escape this trap.

    If you’ve gotten bitten one too many times by stocks…

    If you’ve ever wanted to invest without constantly worrying about a big loss…

    If you’ve lost sleep worrying about the next financial crisis…

    Then Oxford Bond Advantage is perfect for you.

    Your Very Own
    Bond Expert

    I spend literally hundreds of hours a month crunching numbers and analyzing data to find the safest and most lucrative bonds.

    Believe me: I know – without any doubt – I’m recommending the best opportunities in the market.

    When I’m screening the thousands of available corporate bonds, I use my more than 30 years of experience to…

    • Tirelessly hunt down only the lowest-risk, most profitable bonds now… Finding opportunities for you to collect between 12% and 48% returns.
    • Uncover bonds in the unusual position of trading at a discount… Locking in hefty capital gains.
    • Locate bonds with ultra-short maturities. This increases our safety and protection from interest rate issues associated with longer-term bonds…

    I do all the grunt work and heavy lifting.

    So you can sleep soundly at night knowing your money is in the safest place possible.

    Remember, I’ve never had one of my recommended bonds default.

    And readers could’ve made money on 95% of my Oxford Bond Advantage recommendations.

    As Warren Buffett says about investing, “Rule No. 1 is never lose money. Rule No. 2 is never forget rule No. 1.”

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Buffett.

    I’ve found the true key to building wealth is simple: Buy investments that don’t lose money.

    If your portfolio is heavily in stocks and you believe Wall Street will always produce superior returns, please reconsider.

    I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem worth the risk to be in the stock market today.

    Especially when you can make safe, double-digit returns in corporate bonds.

    With corporate bonds, you get higher safety than you’ll ever see investing in stocks.

    And with 12% to 48% gains, you’ll never give up high returns.

    Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to trade bonds.

    Unlike stocks, you don’t have to worry about selling a bond at the perfect time…

    Or worry about buying immediately.

    You can sail around the Bahamas… Or go on an extended fishing trip.

    Listen, go hit the ball and stop worrying about your money.

    Bonds are the perfect way to watch money flow in with minimal effort… And minimal risk.

    Just take a look at the latest payout I’ve uncovered…

    Get a 17% Legally
    Binding Return from
    American Innovation

    It’s a Florida-based healthcare company that has been in business for more than 30 years.

    It operates across the United States… has 3,170 employees… and is at the forefront of America’s healthcare sector.

    The company has an unparalleled network of treatment centers: more than 127 across the globe.

    In short, what we have here is a very solid company in great financial shape with a fantastic future.

    Having said that, I have no idea where the stock is going next. I think it will go up, but I can’t control it.

    If I buy the stock, I might lose money.

    Instead, I’d rather invest in this company’s bonds… and get a minimum expected return of 17.66%.

    Remember, that’s the minimum. We can and very often do earn much more than the minimum expected return.

    In reality, we could see an annualized 68% return.

    If you’re like me, you’ll take “money in the bank” like this all day long!

    That’s how my service works…

    The minute I find an opportunity like this, I’ll send you an alert.

    You can call up your broker or go online, buy my recommendation and then collect your money.

    It’s that simple. Acting on my recommendation takes a grand total of 10 minutes.

    And as I’ve said, it’s more important than ever to be in bonds now…

    Secure Your Retirement
    Future NOW

    For a retired person – or even if you’re within a decade of retirement – you simply cannot afford to be a victim of the ups and downs of the stock market.

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    I’m Steve McDonald.

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