I’ll Be Crunching Numbers and Naming Names

When I’m screening the thousands of available Liberties, I use my 20+ years of experience and exclusive personal network of “insider experts” to…

  • Tirelessly hunt down only the lowest-risk yet most profitable opportunities available in the market right now
  • Leave no stone unturned in tracking Liberties that are easy to buy and sell, so readers can get in, take fast gains, and get out…
  • Uncover those with ultra-short maturities. This dramatically increases our safety and protection from interest rate and inflation issues associated with longer term bonds, like 10, 20, or 30 year U.S. Treasuries…
  • Recommend Liberties at pennies on the dollar… aiming for opportunities discounted at 10% to 60% below face (“par”) value whenever possible. This locks in a hefty capital gain upon maturity.

So… why haven’t you heard about this type of investment? Simple, really.

You see, these type of bonds aren’t listed on regular exchanges like the NYSE or NASDAQ. You won’t find their prices quoted regularly online or in newspapers.

And if you do wind up finding the right information sources, there are thousands to choose from.

That’s where I come in…

I spend literally thousands of hours a year crunching numbers and analyzing data to determine which Liberties offer the most lucrative payouts without excessive risk.

That way I know without any doubt these are the best “planned-profit” opportunities on the market.

And it’s well worth the effort… because these picks can potentially hand you huge returns with minimal risk.

Let me show you what I mean…


“Consistent, Healthy, Positive Returns”

Right now I’m looking at a Liberty Certificate issued by a Houston-based company that specializes in faster, cheaper, and less risky oil and gas exploration.

It’s been in business over 20 years… has a market cap north of $350 million… and no near-term debt maturities.

Better yet, it’s sitting on proven reserves valued at over $7 billion. No wonder management and directors own nearly 15% of its shares!

In short, what we have here is a very solid company in great financial shape.

So when it offers a “Liberty Certificate” set to deliver a minimum expected annual return of 22.83%, why wouldn’t I hone in on it?

And when all my indicators are flashing “Go” – as in this case – I send out an immediate “buy” recommendation to my readers.

And my readers love it every time one of my alerts hits their inbox…

Like Chuck Wahler from Portage, Michigan, who told me: “Steve, I have been active for one and a half years, no losses on individual bonds, my current holdings will produce a return of 13% in the next year and my closed positions have done better.”

Or Jan Rosenstein, who wrote in from Lafayette, New Jersey to tell me: “I feel like my portfolio is on the mend with your service. 3 years or so of -25% growth from a professional “financial planner” had me a little gun shy about taking advice from ANYONE. A year or so of trading with your recommendations has me seeing a consistent, healthy, positive return. Keep up the great work!”

These heartfelt words say better than I ever could what Liberties can do for your portfolio and your peace of mind.

And now I’d like to make the same kind of remarkable opportunities available to you.


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