Liberty Advantage #2: Oversized Returns in the Short Run

Liberty Certificates give you the chance to score big returns very quickly.

And when your returns have exceeded stocks for years, you’ll see how the steady, annual returns from Liberties can put you on the road to riches.

It’s a terrific way to dramatically grow your portfolio over time… sometimes a very short time.

For example, between 2008 and 2009…

  • One Liberty Certificate I recommended could have handed you 26% gains in less than a year…
  • Another recommendation generated a 46% gain in just a few months.
  • And a third Liberty Certificate recommendation I made – on National City Bank – could have returned as much as 96% in a single, eight-week period.

A diversified portfolio of Liberties with staggered payout dates can give you returns way above the stock market, quickly, and with significantly less risk.

Yet there’s one additional benefit from Liberties that may be more powerful than all the rest, given all the uncertainty in the markets today…


Liberty Advantage #3: Safety

Most Liberties I recommend come from some of the biggest, most successful companies in America, with superior credit ratings.

Forget about the Great Depression, food shortages, World War II, raging inflation, the Cold War, multiple recessions, assassinations, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and epidemics.

In the 87 years since 1925, investors have been paid exactly as promised on literally millions of Liberties.

As I mentioned, in almost 4 years of recommending this strategy, all but one of my picks paid out as promised, and 97.6% of my recommendations were winners.

Good luck trying to get a 97.6% success rate in the stock market!

And remember, with Liberties you can still invest with comfort in America’s best companies… names like Motorola, General Electric and Bank of America.

Better yet, you’ll have the opportunity to outpace inflation, and generate capital gains and income. And you’ll know your minimal expected annual return (MEAR) before you put down a single penny.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…


Florida Man says: “I show big profits”

Liberties have helped my readers in the past not only side-step the stock market turbulence… but flat-out beat the pants off its performance.

For example, Andre Guernsey of Londonderry, VT, says “We are up $3,510. Needless to say we are very pleased.”

Robert Rittle of Lafayette, NJ, added “I’m seeing a consistent, healthy, positive return.”

Malcolm Chesterton, from Encinitas, CA says “I sleep better at night with at least part of my portfolio thanks in no small part to your picks.”

But perhaps Kevin Van Eck, writing from his hometown of Boca Raton, FL, put it best: “I show big profits.”

Many people have finally realized they do not have to take the enormous risk in the stock market to build a secure future or a retirement.

So, how do you get started? It’s simple…


20-Plus Years of Hard-Knocks Experience… Now In Your Corner

If you’ve got 10 minutes a week, I can show you how you could make an extra $10,000 this year… with a fraction of the stock market’s risk.

Yes, this wealth-building strategy will be a little different. And you’ll have to step a bit “outside the box”.

Hedge funds, banks, brokerages and insurance companies have traded Liberties for years for remarkable profits. Yet most small investors know nothing about these and focus exclusively on the stock market.

But all that’s about to change.

The Liberties I’ve been describing are a very specific type of corporate bond.

These aren’t the type of bonds that pay a paltry 3% to 4% interest over a period of 10 to 30 years. I look for a particular type of ultra-short term corporate bond that offers a high yield and in many cases, a capital gain upon maturity.

That way, you can make money both ways.

But despite the profit potential, as I’ve noted in this presentation, Liberties carry remarkably low risk.

In almost 4 years of recommending them, I’ve shown my readers winners 97.6% of the time.

And let me make one thing clear:

I don’t recommend ultra-high-yield bonds that “promise” outlandish returns contingent on ridiculously high risk levels. I don’t see why anyone would get involved with those kinds of bonds.

Remember my first rule – don’t lose money. So the extra risk in those bonds is just not worth it.


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