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Join me in my new research service, “Oxford Bond Advantage“.

The name says it all. All of the old ways are dead. Buy and hold is dead. Real estate is a minefield.

And forget about CD’s, money markets, and the rest. Last time I checked, 10 year U.S. Treasuries were paying 1.97%! Nobody’s making any money the “traditional way”.

So let me do the heavy lifting, and help you make a fortune with the “Oxford Bond Advantage“.

I’ll be gathering all the “inside” information. I’ll sort through and cherry-pick the companies offering the most potentially profitable and safe Liberty Certificates right now.

And then in plain and simple language, I will tell you exactly how to buy them. If you want to get in, you can do it with just 12 words to your broker.

You see, each Liberty is identified by a specific 9-digit identifying number.

Once you give this number to your broker, you could own yours in less than 10 minutes.

The certificate looks like a diploma, and includes a serial number, your name and address, and the 9 digit identification number.

You can ask for physical delivery of your certificates or you can hold them electronically in the brokerage firm’s account.

Of course, you remain listed as the owner with all the rights associated with the security.

After that, just hold your certificate for the prescribed number of months, collect your scheduled payments, and wait for your principal and capital gains to be returned upon maturity!

Every investment, of course, has some degree of risk. With these types of investments, there is always the rare chance that a company would be unable to pay out as promised.

But I’ll say it again… Over almost 4 years, my 97.6% success rate on 167 recommendations ain’t bad.

And remember, there’s absolutely no prior experience needed for you to get started.

You just have to be open to trying something new, like Andrew Ottaviano…


Much MUCH More Than Just “Buy and Sell”

Andrew told me: “Your information is absolutely the best. And with what I’ve learned so far, your strategy of buying bonds at a discount and with short maturities is probably the best strategy of investing I’ve ever seen.”

When you sign up for Oxford Bond Advantage, I’ll show you how to build your portfolio into a non-stop cash generating machine.

And it’ll be easier and more fun than you could imagine, thanks to the four simple cornerstones of my strategy:

  • Biweekly Income – With as little as a dozen semi-annual bonds, you could end up getting paid about every two weeks.
  • My “Quick Hit” Bond Bonanzas – These ultra-quick plays can hand you stock-like gains in just months – with a fraction of the risk of the stock market. The quick turnaround gains also mean fresh capital to deploy for the next opportunities. My past gains include 26%, 46%, and 96%, all in under a year.
  • Bargain Liberty Bonds – The Art Of The Legal “Steal” – I’ll pinpoint bonds trading well below their face value, so you can ‘lock in’ capital gains at maturity. For example, we might find a bond that is trading for $700 that’s worth $1,000 at maturity. On 10 bonds, that’s a “planned profit” of $3,000 bucks. Perfect for a Caribbean cruise… season tickets for your favorite team… or a special holiday gift for a loved one.
  • 97.6% Win Rate – No, I’m not talking about long-term Treasuries. In almost 4 years, using Liberty Certificates, I’ve achieved a 97.6% win-rate on my recommended plays. I told you this was more fun than stocks!

As Warren Buffett says about investing in general, “Rule No.1 is never lose money. Rule No.2 is never forget rule number one.”

I agree. Because like Mr. Buffett, I’ve found the true key to building wealth is simple: Buy investments that don’t lose money.

That said, if you have just $1,000 to invest in the markets, this strategy probably isn’t right for you.

You don’t need to be as rich as Mr. Buffett to buy Liberties. But you do need more than a few dollars to get off the ground.

I recommend an initial allocation of at least $5,000-$10,000. And you’ll need to be willing to put that money to work for one to two years.

After all, this is a low-risk, steady race, not a reckless sprint. Of course, I believe you’ll find the results well worth it. Remember…

You can get a higher level of certainty with Liberties than you’d ever see simply investing in stocks.

You know when interest payments are due, and you know when you are scheduled to get your principal back.

Just ask one of my readers, Peter Kaiser…

He wrote to say thanks, and that he’s used my approach to find Liberties outside my recommendations, too. Here’s a snapshot of the email he sent me showing the remarkable gains he made…:

Name Buy Dates Sell Dates Days Held Gain
Textron 5/22/2009 10/16/2009 144 $1,401.33
Textron 6/19/2009 11/4/2009 138 $1,123.08
Genworth 7/22/2009 11/10/2009 111 $1,685.19
Dow Chemical 3/9/2009 11/17/2009 253 $530.00
Alcoa 2/1/2009 11/17/2009 289 $918.23
Genworth 7/22/2009 11/17/2009 118 $1,086.79
SLM 4/9/2009 11/23/2009 228 $566.25
Hartford 4/1/2009 11/23/2009 236 $1,010.43
Merrill Lynch 6/1/2008 12/1/2009 548 $1,300.00
Host Marriott 5/18/2009 1/20/2010 247 $784.00
ILFC 2/9/2010 2/23/2010 16 -$197.73
Allied Capital 11/24/2009 5/4/2010 161 $1,637.87
GMAC 11/3/2009 5/21/2010 199 $2,008.17
ILFC 6/11/2009 8/15/2010 430 $2,341.50
SLM 11/10/2009 8/20/2010 283 $1,443.00
Royal Caribbean 5/29/2009 8/25/2010 453 $2,045.00


As you can see from the chart, 15 out of 16 of his trades were profitable! Many came quickly – several in less than five months.

But most importantly, Peter’s had 15 gains totaling $19,877 and single $197 loss. Total net returns amounted to $19,680!

Here’s an Offer You Can’t Refuse…

Very soon, we will be making Oxford Bond Advantage available to the general public.

When we do, the list price for one full year will be $4,995. But that’s NOT nearly what you’re going to pay today.

Frankly, this service would be a steal at that price. And you’ve seen the feedback from my readers.

For example Barry Fasching of Sarasota, FL says: “I have to agree that this is a great service. You have made me impressive gains so far. Your picks are realistic. It couldn’t be easier. Now I sit back wait for the next recommendation, and get paid.”

And there’s Bob Johnson of Solvang, CA, who wrote in to tell me: “I have been retired for 20 years and actively trading stocks and some bonds during this time, depending on advice from many different advisors. You have consistently given the best advice of the many stock and bond editors that I have subscribed with!

And Scott Barnes of Grass Valley, CA says: “Thanks for all the great profits on the last bond sales. I do like your mentality, just like mine. Thanks again for all your work and tremendous expertise on bonds. You’re the best.”

I love hearing about my reader’s big scores… and I’d like you to be my next “success story”.

As I’ve said, the list price for a one year subscription to Oxford Bond Advantage will be $4,995 when we offer it to the general public.

However today you won’t have to pay anything close to that much.

Because we’ve just opened up access to this new research service for the first time ever, we’d like to offer a special rate for charter members.

If you join during the this special enrollment period… you’ll pay an “early admission” price of just $995 for one full year’s subscription.

That’s $4,000 off the list price!

But I should warn you, once this special enrollment period is over, Oxford Bond Advantage will be available at the full $4,995 price.

You have only a short time left to join at the special price before we close this offer… and make this research available to the general public.

And considering everything you get, I can’t imagine a fairer deal.

Powerhouse Ideas and “No B.S.” Recommendations

When you subscribe to Oxford Bond Advantage, you get a full complement of my research, analysis and recommendations.

It’s all designed to help you make extra income and oversized capital gains every year… every month… potentially even every week.

We’re going to be realistic. We’re going to be disciplined.

And you’ll feel as if I’m working right alongside you, as we “meet” with the email commentary and videos I’ll send you every week.

Here’s what you’ll get when you subscribe to Oxford Bond Advantage:

  • Weekly Oxford Bond Advantage Research Alert – You’ll get my Oxford Bond Advantage research alert delivered by email on every Wednesday. You’ll get all the details on the hottest new Liberties I come across, delivered on a silver platter.With each new recommendation, you’ll receive simple instructions that you can read to you broker, if you wish to take action. I’ll give you all the details you need to invest easily, including the bond’s name and 9-digit identification number. I’ll tell you the scheduled payouts and payout dates. And remember, with these types of investments, companies are contractually obligated to pay you.
  • Breaking Opportunity Video Briefings – You will receive my video report, where I’ll discuss bonds I recently recommended, why I recommended them, and where I see the best profit opportunities opening up… plays poised to deliver big gains in the future.
  • 24/7 Urgent Buy/Sell Alerts – As needed, I’ll notify you when an urgent opportunity presents itself that’s too good to miss. I’ll tell you when to take action immediately on a promising new position… or bank quick profits from an existing one. But you won’t have to worry about this too often. The purpose of this service is not to have you constantly watching your inbox for recommendations!
  • Password-Protected Website Access – You’ll receive exclusive access to the members-only archive site for all Oxford Bond Advantage reports and recommendations. That way, you can check on past and current positions anywhere, anytime.

Plus I’ll explain bond trading strategies in more depth for those interested in the “technical details”. Wall Street would prefer that you believe it’s all too complicated for regular investors. It’s not! And I’ll prove it to you with clear, point-by-point instructions.

There’s never been a better time to get started than right now. And there may never be a better value than our special offer price of just $995.

You can get started in just minutes by simply clicking here.

And remember, there’s good reason to act right now…

I’ve just identified a handful of off-the-radar Liberty Certificate bonds offering significant gains.

They include the global government services firm I expect to hand us a 15.11% annual return… the healthcare solutions company that could give us another easy 15.57% annual planned profit… and the energy firm I’m expecting to deliver “planned profits” of 22.83% per year

So there’s really no better time to get started than right now.

You can get started in just minutes by simply clicking here or calling our VIP Member Service Department at 888.570.9830 or 410-454-0498.

And there’s something else you should keep in mind…

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