Takes Much of the Guesswork Out of Investing

I became a man on a mission… a mission to enlighten pre-retiree and retiree investors about how to make significant money with Liberties.

I saw how this strategy could generate capital gains and income consistently… and without investing in risky real estate, commodities, options, or futures.

I began leading 30 to 40 workshops a year, teaching investors how to build their portfolios quickly and easily with Liberty Certificates. That’s when I was recruited by Agora Inc, parent company of The Oxford Club, and one of the world’s largest financial publishers.

This position let me show readers how to earn double-digits gains with significantly lower risk than just about any other investment available.

And now, I’m bringing this strategy to you.

So if you’ve ever wondered if it’s really possible to invest without big losses…

If you’ve started to worry that it’s getting too late to “catch up”…

And if you’ve lost sleep over what portfolio-crushing crisis might next happen overnight…

Then please read on.

Because I’m going to show you specifically why Liberties are the best strategy for making money in today’s markets, bar none.


Liberty Advantage #1: Scheduled Income, Paid Like Clockwork

Most investors today have been “zapped” one time too many by the stock market.

If you’re over 45 years old, I probably don’t need to remind you what happened to the S&P 500 in 1987 (-34%)… 1990 (-20%)… 2001 (-49%)… and of course, 2008 (-57%).

So now many investors sit on the sidelines, trapped in cash and losing money to taxes and inflation every day (despite the fact that, for many of us, this is our last window of opportunity before retirement).

Practically every week, I overhear people at conferences or speaking engagements saying they’d like to get back into the stock market.

But nearly before the words are out of their mouth, they start second guessing themselves about whether it’s the right time… Whether the economy is truly recovering… Or whether the U.S. will ever get over its debt problems.

As I see it, Liberties are the ideal way to escape this trap.

They allow you to lock in double-digit yields with about as much certainty as you can find anywhere in the financial world.

And if you heed my advice, and try a different approach…you may never get “zapped” by the stock market again.

Because with Liberties, the issuer is obligated by legal contract to pay out:

  • A specific amount of interest (so you get regular income)…
  • On a specific series of dates (so you know exactly when you get paid)…
  • Over a specific number of months and years (so you know how long you’ll get paid).

Let me show you a quick example, so you can see for yourself…

Consistent, Bankable Gains

Zion Bank Corporation is a Utah-based bank “holding company” with a market cap of around $3.9 billion.

Let’s say you’d bought its stock in late November, 2009, when shares were selling at about $13.

Like most stocks over the past few years, Zion’s shares have been bouncing around like a yo-yo since then, as you can see from this chart.

Sure, you probably would have felt pretty good as shares went up to $29 in early 2010.

But would you have sold then? Probably not. Most investors have no idea when to sell.

Nothing is guaranteed in the stock market. It’s a constant guessing game where stocks will be next.

So most likely, you would have hung on and nervously watched as it continued falling back down to $14.

Yet you could have made money AND slept soundly at night if instead you’d purchased Zion’s Liberties, as I recommended on October 13th, 2009.

By purchasing just 10 of these investments, you would have known right from the very start that you were slated to receive $387.50 every six months, for the next 5 years. Like clockwork.

But on top of that, you’d know that on September 23, 2014, you’d be set up to not just get your initial investment back, but also score an additional $1,090 in agreed-upon capital gains.

Here’s what your bank statement could look like…

That’s total cash in your pocket of $13,875 – a 56% return on your initial $8,909.50 stake.

In less than five years, you’d be set up to make nearly $5,000 – regardless of whether Zion’s stock price stayed flat… crashed to $1… or anything in between.

And best of all, you knew exactly how much you stood to get from the beginning, and could plan accordingly.

Would you invest less than $10,000 in a stock if you knew it was contractually obligated to return nearly $5,000, over the next five years?

Of course you would.

That’s the remarkable difference between using Liberties and buying stocks: with Liberties – in addition to paying out pre-scheduled income – companies are contractually obligated to return your principal at maturity.

And with Liberties it’s sometimes more than just the contractually agreed payments and capital gains.

Because the potential upside can be huge.


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